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  • €3.00 - €7,320.00


Globus has a wide range of products as ultrasound, electrostimulators and magnetotherapies that can be used in different fields : from pain care, to sports and also for aesthetics.
Products are suitable for different and demanding customers, it lends itself to professional and domestic use.
Their technical characteristics quickly configure them as complete, effective and intuitive devices to use: this will be particularly appreciated by the less experienced people.
In fact, the Globus devices are provided of joypad keyboard and a large display where it is possible to check the parameters involved as (frequency, power, duration, duty cycle);
They support a power supply control system, which warns in case of issues; then offer a wide choice of programs, preset and customizable, to meet the most varied needs.
They are also easily transportable, as they can be powered by both mains and long-life batteries


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