Buying on our site is simple and fast. Just follow the wizard after selecting the desired items.

The online process allows you to limit mistakes because you'll be typing your personal information, in total security and protection for your privacy, you will also receive discounts and special conditions, visualizing every detail about payment and shipping.

Alternatively, you can place your order by phone to an operator by contacting the number listed on the Home Page.

The procedure step by step:

  • Entering into a product category list, you can see all the items part of the category, or alternatively you can also research the product, entering a term into the search field
  • Then, clicking on the image will open the relevant page containing all the information, including price and features
  • If you decide to purchase the displayed product, you will need only to click on the "ADD" button after selecting from the window menu any changes in type accessories, i.e. color, size or extent, etc., where applicable
  • Now the product is in the cart and you will see the number of articles included and the total amount. Check that everything is correct. You can remove any item placed incorrectly or modify the quantities
  • If you want to add other items you can simply go to the product you want to add
  • To complete your order you must click on "VIEW CART". You will see a page with the contents of your cart. Tick the one you prefer and click on "CASH"
  • Now you will see a page where you must register by taking advantage of discounts and benefits, or if you are already registered you can access directly without having to enter your information
  • After entering your information, you should select the shipping method you prefer and click on "NEXT"
  • Enter the information according to the method of payment chosen
  • Now, you can check your billing, delivery, and the summary of all costs
  • Clicking on CONFIRM ORDER you will finalize the order process
  • You will receive immediately an e-mail confirming that the order summary report, the items purchased and the order number. You should check carefully that there are not any error and let us know promptly if there were any.

For any issue you can contact us using the form or by phone at. +39 0376 1710158


If you prefer, you can place your order by send us by E-mail or by fax the form filled which is available at the Home Page

When ordering by fax or E-mail, you cannot use the following payments:

  • PayPal
  • Credit card

but only by bank transfer for which you must send us E-mail or fax copy of the transfer operation code with the number of CRO, or Cashat collection or of Postepay recharge

Therefore is possible to:

  • Take advantage of discount coupons
  • Register to access the restricted area and then check the order status
  • Qualify for discounts
  • Get the Newsletter