The delivery time must be calculated taking into account products availability, shipping selection and location of delivery


The goods ordered will be delivered usually via courier DHL. In any event the courier is chosen by Storeforwellness trying to provide the most suitable service in accordance to the type of goods and services required.
The average delivery time, calculated from the shipment from our warehouse, vary according to location and products availability.The items available in stock at our warehouse are normally shipped 1-2 days after the order, while the goods available at outside stores, may require 2-4 additional days.In case of delays caused by exceptional reasons, we will notify you promptly via e-mail or telephone.
The delivery of goods is carried at street level The transportation to upper floors plans will be agreed in advance (if possible do to be done) and incurs an additional charge.
We recommend that you indicate as the delivery address where it will be easier to find you. In case by friends or at work, posting your name / company / firm / office and if necessary the telephone number or name, extension number, concierge or other.


The service provides delivery from 9.00AM to 1.00PM and from 2.00 PM to 6.00 PM on weekdays and without notice. Delivery will be made only at street level. In case of absence, a notice is left and the delivery is retried in the following days, in case of further absence, the goods are held in storage at the site of the area where it can be picked up within 5 working days.
If you have problems of presence because you are often absent, please use the courier service by appointment.


You will be contacted by telephone by the courierer to secure delivery date and time slot (morning or afternoon). The delivery date will be agreed no later than 3 working days from the date of telephone contact. Delivery will be made only at street level.
Times up to 3 working days from shipment.


Alternatively you can directly ask the courier to hold for pickup at the branch of your choice, so that you can make the collection at the time most convenient to you (in some branches also on Saturdays)
To request to hold for pickup, you must choose the branch of the courier nearest to you and indicate it as the delivery address, including the words "DEPOSIT RETAINER" in the "NOTES" filed.
To find the branch nearest you by visiting the website of the Courier


Any contribution to transport costs for goods too bulky and/or too heavy explicitly highlit at the time of order receipt.
For Country Extra UE Taxes and Custom duties are Exluded
Costs of storage and transport if the goods are not collected.
Any cost for delivery in disadvantaged locations.
Any cost for the delivery to upper floors (to be requested in advance)
Deliveries are not carried out in the following cases:
Deliveries tocompanies that provide domiciliary services


Upon delivery you need to check that:

The number of packages delivered corresponds to that shown in the accompanying document (waybill or delivery note)

The packaging is not damaged, wet or otherwise altered.

In the event the package is damaged, collect it under reserve, so next to the signature on the courier waybill clearly write the wording "received with reserve for damaged package", or in other cases always indicates the reason

If the package is damaged so severely damaged to have caused damage also to the inner content, reject the goods and clearly write on the bulletin, the term "goods refused for damaged package."Generic comments may not be the subject of the claim against the carrier. Any disputes must be raised immediately to the carrier, otherwise the product will be considered delivered correctly.