Wiky : Ultramagnetic Cervical Support

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Suitable for all neck pains, useful to those who make works that force the head to stay immobilized, to prevent contractures. Made of poly-ceramic at the ultra far infrared and 4 neodymium permanent magnets covered in gold from 1500 Gauss. Dimensions 38x11 cm.

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Wiky : Ultramagnetic Cervical Support

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Magnetotherapy: Stop to the Cervical Pain!made in italy

It is useful in cervical pain.

The strip is placed on the area, with the gray side towards the skin and maintained if necessary even at night.

The time may vary from a few minutes to several hours and until the disorder has not decreased or ceased.

In subjects with seasonal, periodic or frequent pain, can be used as a preventive measure to avoid the onset of pain. For example, to prevent contractures in those affected by or who performs work with low head mobility.

 The magnetic field with permanent magnets, has historical origins away. In China it was used for many years before the birth of Jesus Christ. References in this regard are found in the works of Plato, Aristotle and Homer. Many experts and scientists in various Eastern and Western countries, have designed and conducted experiments on biomagnetism, but only after 1940, the worldwide search has begun the science phase on magnetic therapy that has produced texts that systematically validate the beneficial effects on plants, animals and humans.

The effects of magnetic therapy are not magical or miraculous but are well anchored to the science of the human body because the cells are small natural magnet with a north pole and a south pole, and how these are influenced, for better or for worse, by magnetic fields external, natural or artificial. Furthermore, all functions are ruled by magnetic and electrical impulses, without which no man could live.

The electrocardiogram in fact is nothing other than the biomagnetism of the heart, such as the electro-encephalogram it is of the brain. It is not difficult, then, to understand why the external magnetic fields can affect the work of the cells to correct organic imbalances. The French doctor Jean-Pierre Floril while controlling hospitalized patients in the sanatorium of Grenoble, he noticed that their most serious disturbances always coincided with important changes in the Earth's geomagnetism.


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