Pressomassage Perfect Waves whit 2 Leg

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Perfect Waves Pressomassage

6 programs - remote control - [on/off chambers] - Sovrex cuffs and arm

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Pressomassage Perfect Waves whit 2 Leg

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New Perfect Waves Pressotherapy!

Perfect Waves was born as a professional aesthetic device (also suitable for home use), and is the novelty of 2020.

We present more configurations to meet the needs of price and equipment, thus expanding the market offer.
With the "Complete" model you can use 5 accessories at the same time!

Applicators Sovrex©

Perfect Waves Pressomassage uses the applicators with the new technology Sovrex (Sovrex leggings and bracelet Sovrex): the 4 independent air chambers inside the applicators, for example in the leggings, are partially overlapped, so the inflation phase of one room to the next is fluid and without interruptions, improving the comfort and effectiveness of the massage.

Sovrex leggings and bracelets for Perfect Waves Pressomassage

Gambali Sovrex

The legs are equipped with a self-locking zipper, so even if not completely closed (for example, if the leg is longer than the leg), allows regular use.

[on/off chambers] On the touch display there is a stylized applicator (gamble) shows the indications of the air chambers with the numbers 1 to 4. If for example you use 2 legs, leaving only the 1 and 2 active (to activate or deactivate the rooms simply pass your finger over the circled number, the active rooms will be recognizable as the number will be illuminated), you will get on both legs a massage on the stretch that includes the foot and calf.

Important: if you use 2 legs and the band, keep in mind that the active/deactivated chambers will condition over the legs also the inflation of the band.

Perfect Waves active room selection on/off Just for women? Being able to benefit from a highly relaxing and rejuvenating massage is also a fantastic opportunity for men! After a day of work, take a moment dedicated to your psychophysical well-being and enjoy a pleasant massage!

You can use 1 applicator or 2, 3 or 4 applicators simultaneously, you can decide between 11 possible combinations. Use every day the applicators you want most: you can choose the combination for your massage among those depicted in this table. Perfect Waves Pressomassage possible configurations to use leg straps and arm

Included is the remote control to be able to comfortably control the functions of the equipment, so during treatment you do not need to move from the relaxation position assumed.

With the remote control you can act on the following functions: on/off program selection pressure regulation timer selection of chambers, function [on/off chambers]

Important: the CR2032 battery of the remote control is not included in the sales packaging, we are not allowed to enter it because of the shipping rules.

However, the equipment may be used without a remote control.

Remote control supplied with the Perfect Waves Pressomassage

It is important to keep in mind that during the use of 2 bracelets at the same time, the mobility of those undergoing treatment is reduced, so the execution should take place in the presence of another person who knows how to supervise and remote control at hand.


  • Aesthetic device for professional and domestic aesthetic use with Italian declaration of conformity
  • 6 programs
  • Pressure adjustment 30~250mmHg 10%;
  • Adjustable treatment time 0~60 min.
  • Power supply: AC220V~ AC240V 10% 50/60hz
  • Power 30 watts Dimensions 240X200X115mm
  • Weight : 4,48 Kg. the equipment, the package 6,5 Kg.

According to the chosen configuration

  • 1 apparatus
  • 1 remote control
  • 2 legs
  • 2 single connectors for legs
  • 1 splitter
  • Slim Body Kit (1 abdominal band/buttocks with 1 single connector per band + 1 splitter)
  • 1 or 2 bracelets with single connector for arm
  • 1 accessory bag free only on the combination Sku: PSG-PW-2GK2B
  • 1 multilingual manual.

Remote control battery NOT included.

4 sequential programs + 2 sequential programs combined


The programs are characterized by the "sequences" and the "cycles": each cycle is composed of a phase of inflation during which take place one or two combined sequences and a phase of "pause".

The following programs have single-sequence cycles.

Program A Moderate massage: the pressure is exerted by only one room at a time deflating the previous. For example, it is as if the beautician closed the two hands in a circle and, starting from the foot, exerted a pressure up to the groin.

Program B Intense massage: the rooms are filled with air one at a time keeping swollen the previous ones until full inflation (for example in the leg, the whole leg will be under pressure), then deflate completely and re-increase the cycle starting from the first chamber (from the foot in the case of the leg, from the hand in the case of the bracelet)

Program C Medium massage: the pressure is exerted by 2 chambers at a time deflating the previous 2, then deflate completely and resume the cycle by inflating the first 2 chambers.

Program D Strong massage: the pressure is exerted by all the rooms together (for example in the leg, as if it were a single chamber pressing on the whole leg), and then deflate completely. The cycle then resume by simultaneously inflating the 4 chambers and so on.


The programmes described below have cycles with two sequences.

Combined program E Balanced massage: the alternation of the program "moderate A" and the program "intense B" create a combination of optimal massage pressure waves for a pleasant and effective application. From the beginning of the treatment the two programs A+B+A+B ... and so on, always interspersed with a short deflation pause of the applicators.

Combined program F Vigorous massage: the alternation of the program "medium C" and the program "strong D" create a combination of very intense massage pressure waves for a shock application. From the beginning of the treatment the two programs C+D+C+D ... and so on, always interspersed with a short deflation pause of the applicators.

Do not use in case of general malaise, flu or disease

Heart failure

Skin lesions: erysipelas, mycosis, pyoderma Lymphangitis Thrombophlebitis

Severe peripheral arterial insufficiency

Plexopathy and neuropathy

Severe arteriosclerosis or other ischemic vascular disease


Pregnancy Severe deformity of limbs Gangrene - Dermatitis

Recent grafting of skin

Do not use in case of doubt until you have consulted your doctor.


Before use read the contraindications and warnings in the supplied user manual


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Pressomassage Perfect Waves whit 2 Leg

Warranty: 2 years

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