Tua Trend Body & Face Vupiesse - Body and Face Electrostimulator

Electrostimulator face and body

modern line, elegant and "trendy" suitable for electrostimulation of the face and body. Small, evolved, practical and effective.

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Tua Trend Body & Face Vupiesse - Body and Face Electrostimulator

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TUA TRE’ND Face&Body is a complete electrostimulation appliance for treating every part of the body. The control unit does in fact generate different wave shapes for the body and face. A symmetric biphasic rectangular current is used for all body treatments and a perfectly sinusoidal current, suitably modulated, is used for the smaller and delicate muscles of the face.

For body treatments, the machine has 2 independent outputs for piloting adhesive-gel electrodes, especially suited for all body area applications. The intensity of stimulation can be regulated directly by the user by means of precise 1 mA steps. 

For face treatments, TUA TRE’ND Face&Body features a special patented electrode for perfect positioning on the various facial areas.


The work programs are completely pre-programmed and already complete with all specific parameters such as stimulation
frequency, pulse width, contraction times and recovery times: only the stimulation intensity has to be regulated.


It also looks at the other two models of the line Tre'nd:

Tre'nd Body       Tre'nd Face

Tua Trend Body e Face vupiesse  Tua Trend Body e Face vupiesse






  • Number of outputs: 2
  • Waveform: FACE: modulated sinusoidal. BODY: symmetrical rectangular biphasic
  • Number of programs: 17 (5 face and neck specific, 12 body specific)
  • Contraction time: FACE: 3 sec. / BODY: 1-12 sec.
  • Recovery time: FACE: 3 sec / BODY: 1-25 sec
  • Current intensity 60/70 mA max (on 1kohm load)
  • Pulse width: BODY from 150 µsec. to 200 µsec.
  • Frequency range: BODY from 1 Hz to 80 Hz
  • Power supply: 4 x 1.2V 750mA rechargeable batteries type AAA or 4 1.5V alkaline batteries type AAA
  • Weight: 120 g (with batteries)
  • Dimensions: 90 x 60 x 18 mm
  • Charger: Input: AC 230V~ 50/60hz / Output: DC 7.5V - 200ma -1.5VA
  • 1 electrostimulator with 2 outputs (cod. SLTTBF)
  • 1 face treatment handpiece (cod. SLTTFMA)
  • 1 pack of 4 adhesive electrodes 35x45 (cod. ELAD3545)
  • 1 pack 4 adhesive electrodes 40x90 (cod. ELAD4090)
  • 2 electrode cables (cod. VATW06)
  • 1 pack of 6 replacement sponges for face electrodes (VATR09)
  • 1 network adapter (cod. VATR11)
  • 1 water spray (cod. VAVI19)
  • 1 user guide (cod. VATR08)
  • 1 manual DVD (cod. VATR10)
  • 4 rechargeable batteries (cod. VABA07)

It complies with the strictest international standards, entirely designed and produced by Vupiesse Italia, a company with Quality System certified to EN ISO 9001:2000 and EN ISO 13485:2004 by the German TÜV RHEINLAND, with experience in the production of professional electromedical equipment widely used in major hospitals, sports medicine centers, physiotherapy and medical aesthetics.

During the menstrual period, the conductivity of the skin changes; stimulation may be less pleasant.

Stimulation can cause skin redness at the electrodes, especially in subjects with extremely sensitive skin. Such redness is completely normal and normally disappears in no time.

  • Do not apply the electrodes in hyperpigmented areas (large moles) and varicose veins.
  • Do not apply the electrodes directly to the breast but to the breast support muscles.
  • Do not use in intimate and delicate areas nor in the armpits, groin, recesses of the knees.
  • Do not use on the abdomen in pregnant women.
  • Do not use Tua Excel on children, peacemakers and people in debilitated psychophysical conditions and in case of physiological and organic abnormalities.
  • Do not apply in the presence of metal prostheses or aorto-abdominal bypass.
  • Do not apply in transthoracic mode to avoid interference with heart rate.

If in doubt consult a doctor.

Results: Customers are informed that the purposes and results indicated in the product sheet cannot be guaranteed in their entirety, as they are linked to the subjectivity of the person and the methods of use.

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