Globus RF Beauty Mini - Radio Frequency,Skin Facial Treatments and Acne

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Small and practical radio frequency device; 3 programs for wrinkle reduction, face rejuvenation, eye contour. Rf Beauty Mini promotes the firmness of the skin and improves the synthesis of new collagen and elastin. Frequency 1.15 Mhz. 24 Watt Power



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Globus RF Beauty Mini - Radio Frequency,Skin Facial Treatments and Acne

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Portable Face Rejuvenation for Wrinkle Reduction and Skin Rejuvenation1


Globus RF Beauty Mini for Skin Facial Treatments is a portable radio frequency application for aesthetic and anti-aging facial skin.

Globus RF Beauty Mini through the radio frequency promotes the narrowing of the pores of the skin and regenerates collagen with the transfer of thermal energy into the subcutaneous tissue.

By combining these technologies, Globus RF beauty Mini leads to the reduction of wrinkles and making your skin smoother and tighter so you can have a very good Skin Facial Treatments


Many scientific studies have shown that the RF stimulates circulation and cell metabolism resulting in:

  • Wrinkle reduction and skin smoothing
  • Recovery of skin elasticity (elastosis and skin laxity)


Radiofrequency (RF) produce energy, perceived as heat, which stimulates the metabolism of the treated tissues. The flow of radio frequency RF in fact, through the skin, produces the temperature rise of the underlying tissues and, in particular, of the support structures, elastin and collagen fibers, which determine elasticity and firmness. The heat energy activates fibroblasts pushing them to produce new collagen with consequent regeneration of tissue (collagenesis). The dermis is thus more toned and taut skin.

Radio Frequency principle




- The epidermis is the outermost zone of the skin. It is composed of cells made more resistant by the presence of keratin.

- The dermis is the inner layer of the skin. In it there are the sweat glands, hair follicles and nerve endings, while its base is the adipose tissue, consisting mainly of fat, which is called the hypodermis (subcutaneous tissue).

- The hypodermis-derived by mesenchymal cells is composed of rounded cells full of lipids (especially triglycerides), called adipocytes, surrounded by a dense network of arteries and veins.

The thickness of the subcutaneous tissue is variable, and serves as an insulator, lipid reserves, absorber and increase the mobility of the skin compared to the deeper structures.

- The connective tissue has the function of connection and nourishment of the various organs.

- The collagen fibers are essential as a constituent of the dermis and are of fundamental importance for the elasticity of tissues. They look like long white fibers that branch off in different directions. 70% of our skin is made up of collagen.

- The form elastine , along with collagen, support the network of the skin and helps to prevent wrinkles and stretch marks as it allows the tissues to return to their original form



Skin aging is a physiological process related to age and genetic makeup, which can also be promoted by other factors, which are part of everyday life:

- Unhealthy diet

- Alcohol

- Tobacco

- A life of stress

- Pollution

- UV rays Action

- Little protection from high and low temperatures.

As the skin ages, it becomes increasingly thin and fragile, due to the fact that the cell regeneration becomes slower and passes from the normal 3-4 weeks to 4 or even 6 weeks.

If the amount of collagen in the skin decreases the inevitable consequence of this loose skin, sagging, inelastic and full of wrinkles.



Radiofrequency is a not-ablative skin rejuvenation, designed in the United States, which recently has been used into Europe.

Unlike laser treatments and dermabrasion, which physically remove the superficial tissues, the RF exerts a powerful stimulating skin rejuvenation action , neither invasively nor traumatic, directly under the skin collagen.

Radiofrequency, unlike the laser technique which acts at 80° C , does not generate scarring and produces its effects at a temperature of 40-55 °C.

The RF aesthetic treatments were used initially to combat sagging skin, and to promote facial rejuvenation and to treat and reduce wrinkles, and then this method has been used to treat skin blemishes in other areas of the body with considerable success. 




Radiofrequency is a treatment that, based on Energy emissions, is able to develop within the skin tissue a heat that from the skin surface propagates in depth to the dermis, to the adipose layers up to the limit of the muscles bundle.

The conductivity of the skin to RF may be increased by using a conductive gel on the skin rich in Hyaluronic Acid and Retinol that are micronized and transported within the skin to facilitate the treatment.

The heat generated within the skin tissue produces a modification of the collagen fibers, which contract and undergo a process of denaturing and reorganization that produces a higher concentration of the fibers themselves.

The heat also increases the blood flow within the treated area by stimulating the metabolism of fibroblasts and production of new collagen and elastine.

These processes increase the consistency of the dermis, while the surface of the skin returns taut and compact.

The RF system is therefore an effective skin remodeling system, fast and very interesting with regard to plastic surgery: the effect of "lifting" of the facial skin and of the body skin lasts for months after treatment with radiofrequency and achieve maximum results after 4-6 months.

The action of RF on the sebaceous glands also broadens the indication for treating acne.



The treatment protocols provide for a single treatment with a single step or multiple steps depending on the areas to be treated, and requires 30 to 45 minutes per session.

The RF causes a sensation of heat, in general slightly uncomfortable, depending on the treated parts.

After treatment may 'appear mild redness, without consequences, which disappears within a very short time: the treated person can safely resume his normal activities.



  • Wrinkles Treatment
  • Face and Neck Rejuvenation of the
  • Body and face Skin laxity
  • Stretch marks treatment
  • Maintenance treatment after facelift
  • Active Acne Care,
  • Acne scars Treatment



What is RF?

It 'a form of energy delivered by the unit with a bipolar hand piece to the skin tissue.

What is the purpose of the RF?

The purpose of the RF is to transfer energy for the production of local heat or diathermy. The increase in temperature causes an increase of blood circulation, which in turn accelerates the local metabolism. This increases the tissues oxygenation, cell metabolism and is regenerated and stimulated collagen.

What is the penetration of RF?

The depth of penetration of the RF depends on the distance between the poles and the intensity used. A local treatment in the penetration reaches 2-4 mm.

What is its action on collagen?

The collagen fibers respond by reducing the voltage when subjected to a temperature below 38° C, but it increase the voltage when the temperature exceeds 40 ° c.

Treatment of stretch marks.

How does it works

Stretch marks are caused by the inability of the skin to resist elastically to the stretch and, for this reason; some fibers break by generating the scar tissue. Aim of the RF is to reduce the tension of the skin around the stretch marks and, with the subsequent application of cosmetic products, allow to the tissue to partially recover its natural appearance.

What are the signs of RF?

The best results are obtained with facial wrinkles, with stretch marks, in localized areas of skin laxity, and in some cases of hypertrophic scars.

What are the drawbacks?

It is advisable not to use RF on parts of the body with inflammatory processes in place or skin infections, varicose veins, above the abdominal region in women during the menstrual cycle, in a pacemaker.

How many sessions are needed?

If it is only skin appearance, the results are perceptible from the first session. But it takes at least 3 sessions because it develops and maintains satisfactory result.


  • Power: 24 W
  • Frequency: 1.15+0.1mhz
  • Power supply: 100V ~240V
  • Dimensions: 15,5 x 5,5 x 2,5 cm
  • Weight: 0.5 kg
  • Mode: resistive
  • 1 case
  • 1 Rf Beauty Mini device
  • 1 operating manual
  • 1 pack of gel
  • SR: Skin rejuvenation for eye area
  • WR: Wrinkle reduction
  • SRT: Skin rejuvenation

All programs can be adjusted to 4 intensity levels

Radiofrequency is contraindicated in carriers of pace makers or large metal prostheses, in patients already undergoing lipofilling, in pregnancy, in the presence of collagenopathy, sensory neuropathies and skin injured by trauma or infection.

- the apparatus is suitable for non-invasive use.

- the device shall be used only on intact skin.

- It is not recommended to use the apparatus in conjunction with other electronic devices, particularly those used for the maintenance of vital functions.

- It is good practice to read the entire instruction manual carefully before using the unit.

- Do not use the apparatus without first consulting your doctor if there are health problems.

- Before each use always check the integrity of the device, an essential condition for therapy; do not use the unit if there is a defect or malfunction of the switches or buttons.

- The unit should only be used with speakers supplied with the original equipment, and in accordance with the therapeutic methods described.

- Do not leave the appliance within the reach of children or incapacitated persons without surveillance.

- Do not use accessories or fittings not specified by the manufacturer.

- Do not use the apparatus in the presence of flammable mixtures such as anaesthetic mixtures, oxygen mixtures, nitrogen potassium mixtures, etc. - Keep the unit, the power cord, and the diffusers away from heat sources.

- Do not approach the speaker, when powered, any electrical or electronic device or approach the speaker if the speaker is moving and using itself

- Ensure that the unit is located on stable planes.

If you have any doubts or concerns, you should seek medical advice.

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