Globus DiaCare 5000 - TecarTerapia Private Negotiation

Device for Tecarterapia Globus can be purchased through contact and private negotiation

Diacare 5000 is the leading model in the range of devices for Globus tecarterapia. Capacitive Resistive Energy Transfer. You can cure the body by exploiting our internal energies and the natural mechanisms of self-generation of tissues and muscles.

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Globus DiaCare 5000 - TecarTerapia Private Negotiation

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Regain your wellbeing in no time

Tecarterapia can work in two modes: capacitive mode and resistive mode. Diacare 5000 uses both modes, so the biological effect can be directed with good effectiveness both on tissues with high resistance (in practice, the tissues with lower concentration of water) and in those with lower resistance. Diacare 5000 works at a frequency of 400khz, 470 Khz, 700 Khz and 1000 Khz and with a power of 200 W c.a. - 400 VA t.v.

The device, which stands out for its technical and modern design, has a backlit display and a rubber keyboard to make navigation and the choice of programs extremely ergonomic and intuitive.

made in italy

Diacare 5000 comes in a practical and elegant briefcase

Therapeutic indications

Muscular pathologies: Contractures, Tears and strains, Contusions, Edema, Myalgia.

Painful diseases of the spine: Lumbago, Dorsalgia, Cervicalgie, Lumbago, Cervicobrachialgia, Protrusion and disc hernia.

Shoulder diseases: Tendinitis and tenosynovitis, Insertional tendinopathies, Capsulite adhesive, Conflict sub-acromiale.

Elbow diseases: Epicondylitis, Epitrocleitis.

Wrist and hand diseases: tendonitis and tenosynovitis, rhizarthrosis, carpal tunnel syndrome.

Hip diseases: Coxarthritis, Bursitis, Pubalgia.

Pathologies of the kneeChondropathy rotulea, Gonarthrosis, Outcomes of traumatic lesions of the LCA/ LCP, Distortions.

Pathologies of the ankle and foot
Outcomes of fractures, Sprains, Plantar fascitis, Achilles tendinitis, Metatarsalgia.

Post-surgical rehabilitation

Some areas to be treated:

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3 TYPES OF ELECTRODES for effective therapy
Diacare 5000 can use three types of electrodes in order to realize the Tecarterapia in the most effective way:

- CAPTRODE - Monopolar handpiece with three removable plates of different sizes and a return electrode for capacitive mode. (Included)


- MONOTRODE - This handpiece "all in one", allows to exploit the traditional technique but in a much simpler way. There is no need to apply the return electrode, as it is already contained in the same bipolar handpiece accessory. (Not supplied)



- DUALTRODE - Accessory consisting of a monopolar handpiece and the return electrode for resistive mode. (Supplied)







  • Display: Size 4.3” color touch screen display
  • Power: 200W ±10%
  • Outputs:  2
  • Emission frequency: 400kHz, 470kHz, 700kHz, 1000kHz, ± 10%
  • Treatment modality: Capacitive and resistive
  • Capacitive electrodes: 3 size Ø (mm 30, 50, 70)
  • Resistive electrodes: 3 size Ø (mm 30, 50, 70)
  • Mains supply: 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz, 1.8A
  • Size: mm 170x220x60
  • Weight: gr 1100
  • 1 Carrying case
  • 1 DIACARE 5000 tecartherapy unit
  • 1 Counter electrode (plate)
  • 1 Monopolar resistive handpiece with 3 heads Ø (mm 30, 50, 70)
  • 1 Monopolar capacitive handpiece with 3 heads Ø (mm 30, 50, 70)
  • 1 Cream can ml 250
  • 1 Power supply unit
  • 1 Operating manual


  • Bone and joint diseases - Ankle trauma – Lower back pain – Shoulder pain – Cervical pain syndromes – Joint pathologies – Knee arthrosis – Sciatica – Disc hernia – Post-surgical treatment of femoral fractures
  • Tendon and ligament disorders - Tendon injury pain – Ankle injury – Lumbago – Shoulder pain – Cervical pain syndromes – Sciatica
  • Muscle and soft tissue disorders - Pain from muscular injuries – Lower back pain – Shoulder pain – Cervical pain syndromes – Muscle strains – Whiplash – Sciatica
  • Nervous disorders - Lower back pain – cervical pain syndromes – Sciatica – piriformis syndrome


  • Pulsed programmes - Pulsed 90 – Pulsed 70 – Pulsed 50
  • Scanning program - Treatment to apply energy in a particularly even and distributed manner
  • Transdermal delivery - Treatment to promote the absorption of active ingredients in the treated area
  • Non-thermal programme - Programme for tissue bio-stimulation without heat generation


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