XFormer Vupiesse - Electrical muscle stimulator Fitness,Beauty,Rehab

Electrostimulator With Double Unit

6 Independent Channels, 9 Programs for Fitness, Aesthetics and Rehabilitation.

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XFormer Vupiesse - Electrical muscle stimulator Fitness,Beauty,Rehab

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XFORMER is a latest generation electrostimulator expressly designed for muscular exercise with the aim of training, firming and toning muscles all over the body and for slimming fatty arease.

XFORMER is a dual-unit device composed of 1 main unit with 4 outlets and a detachable mobile unit (known as MOB) with 2 outlets that allow it to be applied to 2 users at the same time or, given its reduced dimensions, allow it to be used in the office, in the car, on holiday etc.. Xformer has 6 independent channels, 4 on the base unit and 2 on the MOB, that pilot up to 12 electrodes. It has 10 programmes - 9 work programmes and 1 set-up programme, divided into 3 basic categories: SPORT AND FITNESS, BEAUTY AND REHAB.

XFORMER is designed for easy use. In fact, all the work program parameters are already pre-set and the programme required can be simply recalled by push-button. The programme will thus be visualized on the display and its intensity can be regulated using the appropriate knob. The 10 work programmes are housed on the main unit but can be “loaded” onto the MOB, which becomes a completely autonomous electrostimulator in its own right. The two units are powered by a rechargeable Ni-Mh battery which is supplied as standard and a battery charger is also supplied. 


Rich Equipment :XFORMER is equipped with a double kit of electrodes: 32 gel-adhesive electrodes (2 sizes), and 12 sponge electrodes (which need to be wet with water)

XFORMER has 9 work programmes divided into different categories, to cover all areas concerned. It therefore addresses everyone’s needs, from those who habitually practice sport to those who simply want to keep in good physical shape, from those who want to resolve problems such as muscular contraction to those who need to strengthen certain areas after a period of inactivity.



Unità Principale

  • Number of outputs: 4
  • Waveform: rectangular plywood
  • Pulse width: 100-250mSec (+-5%)
  • Number of programs: 9+1 set-up
  • Current intensity: 70 mA (pulse peak, 1KO load)
  • Power supply: 4 batteries 1,5V alkaline type AA or 1 x Ni-Mh pack 4,8V-1,000 mA/h (cod. VATW09)
  • Consumption: 0.3-0.7W (min-max)
  • Dimensions: 118 x 125 x h150 x h25
  • Weight: 300g (with battery pack)

MOB Unità Mobile

  • Number of outputs: 2
  • Waveform: rectangular plywood
  • Pulse width: 100-250mSec
  • Number of programs: 1 executable (storage of one of 9 resident programs on the main unit)
  • Current intensity: 70 max (pulse peak, 1KO load)
  • Power supply: 4 rechargeable Ni-Mh batteries (2/3 AAA- 1.2V- 270 mA/h)
  • Consumption: 0.1-0.2W (min-max)
  • Dimensions: 120 x 49 x 39mm
  • Weight: 125g (with batteries

X Former Vupiesse

1 main unit with 4 outputs with rechargeable batteries

1 MOB, mobile unit with 2 outputs with rechargeable batteries

12 rubber electrodes with cellulose sponges D=7.5 cm.

X Former Vupiesse

6 elastic fastening straps with buckle


X Former Vupiesse

6 cables for electrodes


X Former Vupiesse

2 series of 8 adhesive gel electrodes 9x4 cm

2 series of 8 adhesive gel electrodes cm 4,5X3,5


    XFORMER has 9 work programmes, divided into categories, to cover all areas of interest; a tool for everyone, for those who regularly practice sports, for those who simply want to stay in good physical shape, up to those who want to solve problems such as muscle contractures or need to strengthen some districts following inactivity.

    In absolute safety, XFORMER is proposed as a valuable tool for the toning and general shaping of buttocks, legs, inner and outer thighs, abdominals, back and arms, for the improvement of strength, power, muscle hypertrophy, endurance and endurance, to obtain a reduction of fat zones and a capillarizing and lipolytic effect.

    FITNESS-SPORT training programming

    XFORMER has 4 specific programs for FITNESS

    X Former Vupiesse

    • The toning and modeling programs TONE and MODEL have been specially designed by our team of specialists to train in an analytical way the different muscle districts. Thanks to their constant use it will be possible to tone and shape effectively specific muscle areas such as: buttocks, legs, inner and outer thighs, abdominals, trunk and arms.

    • The 3 MASS program develops power and contributes to the increase in muscle mass.

    • The program 4 LIPO has a function of disposal of waste substances that tend to intoxicate the cell (catabolites) favoring water retention, thanks to the trophic and capillarizing action of the frequencies specifically used.

    BEAUTY - beauty programs by XFORMER

    XFORMER offers a choice of programs that can act on the different organic-metabolic and muscular components that characterize the aesthetic aspects. 

    X Former Vupiesse

    • The SLIM program is specific to perform a slimming action on areas such as inner and outer thighs. hips, belly etc.

    • The T-BREAST program is specific for the stimulation of the pectoral muscles; these muscles are among other things for the support of the breast; subjecting them to a selective and appropriate stimulation can be a valid aid to lift the breast and restore its tone.

    • The CELL program has a drainage, capilarization and is particularly useful, to address the problem of cellulite.

    X Former Vupiesse

    X Former VupiesseREHAB - rehabilitation with XFORMER

    • The XFORMER DECO program is specifically designed to perform a decontracting action and muscle relaxation (e.g. cervical area, upper trapezium and muscle bundles adjacent to the spine). The action of the DECO program on the contracted areas of the body promotes a better blood supply and the unlocking of tense and inelastic muscles, facilitating a rapid neuromuscular rehabilitation of the area.

    • The program M-STRENGHT is specific for strengthening the muscles, especially the paravertebral and the great dorsal muscle.


    It complies with the strictest international standards, entirely designed and produced by Vupiesse Italia, a company with Quality System certified to EN ISO 9001:2000 and EN ISO 13485:2004 standards by the German TÜV RHEINLAND, with experience in the production of professional electromedical equipment widely used in major hospitals, sports medicine centers, physiotherapy and medical aesthetics.

    • During the menstrual period, the conductivity of the skin changes; stimulation may be less pleasant.
    • Stimulation can cause skin redness at the electrodes, especially in subjects with extremely sensitive skin. Such redness is completely normal and normally disappears in no time.
    • Do not apply the electrodes in hyperpigmented areas (large moles) and varicose veins.
    • Do not apply the electrodes directly to the breast but to the breast support muscles.
    • Do not use in intimate and delicate areas nor in the armpits, groin, recesses of the knees.
    • Do not use on the abdomen in pregnant women.
    • Do not use Tua Excel on children, peacemakers and people in debilitated psychophysical conditions and in case of physiological and organic abnormalities.
    • Do not apply in the presence of metal prostheses or aorto-abdominal bypass.
    • Do not apply in transthoracic mode to avoid interference with heart rate.



    Results: Customers are informed that the purposes and results indicated in the product sheet cannot be guaranteed in their entirety, as they are linked to the subjectivity of the person and to the modlità d'uso.

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