Vivalu Tribe - Cosmetic Massage Candle Kit 2 Units

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Vivalu Tribe - Cosmetic Massage Candle Kit 2 Units

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A new natural ritual for your body. It moisturizes, nourishes and perfuse the skin with the best vegetable butters; the flame will make them liquid and slightly warm, for a pleasant prolonged and invigorating action on the skin.

 VIVALU TRIBE candles are safe cosmetics, do not require specific corse for use.  All formulas are dermatologically tested at the University of Ferrara.


Enters the world of multi-sensory massage candle Vivalu Tribe.

The first Cosmetic Massage Candle which gives light to your skin.Immerse yourself in the light, lippe among the scents and colors, quenches the skin with massage candles.

Vivalu Tribe is produced with the best vegetable butters that nourish, tone and moisturize your skin.

Let yoursef be pampered by the pleasant sensation of the drops of light and fluid vegetable butter that arrives on your skin with a gentle heat, dissolving the tensions, living pleasantness, living tone and vigor to the body, thus freeing it from inhibitions and fatigue, well-being rechargeable and new passions.

The Massage Candle Vivalu Tribe are enriched with exclusive fragrances, study of a aromacologica research.

Notes developed by the candle help relaxation intensified pleasure and the effect of treatment. 

Vivalu Tribe is very popular with Welness Centers, SPAs and Beauty Centers. Do not burn yourself with imitations!

Against attempts to imitate, always make sure that the massage cosmetic candles bear the trademark of VIVALU Cereria Lumen. 


We believe in the all-italian ability to produce well at reasonable cost.

The real Made in Italy is designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy, just like our candles. A team is concerned to draw and create prototype: they test fragrances, choose colors by mixing shades as true artists, experimenting with new wicks and studying exclusive packagings. 


Lumen candle factory cooperates with a scientific research project with the Polytechnic of Milan and the University of Insubria on the study of emission from burning candles. It is the first European scientific research sector. With this help ourselves the goal of selecting safe products thera on all aspects including that of combustion. The research will also evaluate thetoxicological aspects and will simulate the burning of candles in the home. 

This project comes in the wake of Allergen Free, a quality project originated from the need to create a line of candles and fragrance-free categorized as allergenic substances, but also without polycyclic musks and phthalates (of dubious safety components present in many fragrances). This commitment has paid off so much so that, born to a product line, has dictated our quality standards do today, extending to all our production this concept of quality. This is the quality project of Cereria Lumen which this year will evolve towards safety.




First of all, take a bit of time to be comfortable with who you love.

After about 10-15 minutes from lighting, the candle will have produced around the flame a quantity of liquid balm sufficient forstarting the massage.

With its high concentration of natural ingredients, a few drops of the liquid balm obtained by the lighting of massagecandles are enough to nourish the whole body skin.

Just puor the warm oil from the bowl, making sure to test the temperature before on the palmo f your hand, gently spreading it on the part to be massaged.

The texture of natural raw materials which is at the base of this massage balm has a very low melting point,  approximately 38 degrees: the effect on the skin is always comfortable and will guarantee the penetration into the epidermids of the cosmetic active principles.


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