Tua Excel Belt Vupiesse - Toning, Reshaping and Slimming

Soft Electronic Belt

For firming, sculpting the body and reducing the imperfections of the cell in total comfort.Ideal for trapezoid, breast, belly, thighs, back, pelvis, buttocks.

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Advantages by purchasing this product:

    • The most widespread Italian stimulator in bands
    • Results in 4 weeks Results
    • Toning and Muscle Remodeling
    • Increase in Strength
    • Convenient to use

Tua Excel Belt Vupiesse - Toning, Reshaping and Slimming

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Firm, sculpt and slim with the electronic belt!


TUA EXCEL is user-friendly as it consists of an original and handy belt made of soft synthetic material; the lack of external units, connector wires, plugs or conductive gels means it can be used easily and immediately; it just has to be put on. After having wet the electrodes' sponges with normal water, these are positioned on the required part of the body, the velcro is fastened and TUA EXCEL is ready for use. The programme is selected and, with the intensity setting knob, the impulses may be adjusted for ideal muscle contraction.

TUA EXCEL uses two pairs of patented and clinically tested Rotofit system electrodes which make it possible to immediately and properly orientate and position the electrodes on the various parts of the body.TUA EXCEL is powered by a common 9 volt alkaline battery housed into the front pocket of the belt; battery life is around 40 hours.

TUA EXCEL exploits the patented ROTOFIT® electrode system; the simple, total mobility of the system lets you position it perfectly on the various groups of muscles, fitting immediately to different physical conformations


TUA EXCEL works on the principle of electrostimulation, meaning electric impulses applied by means of electrodes to the skin, directly on the muscles, which contract rhythmically and perform real and true physical exercise.
Muscular exercise induced by electrostimulation is particularly effective because it can be intense and selectively targeted on single muscle groups (something hard to achieve through active physical exercise).

tua excel vupiesse

The advantages of electrostimulation:

The training carried out in electrostimulation regimen offers a series of advantages such as to supplement and partially replace voluntary training:

- Selective stimulation of the muscle group (precise positioning of the electrodes on the affected areas allows targeted work while minimising the intervention of the adjacent muscles).

- Maximum recruitment of muscle fibres. By setting appropriate values of current intensity it will be possible to obtain the maximum fiber recruitment, more difficult to achieve with an active exercise.

- No joint load. In particular, with regard to the spine, the problems of which often represent a limitation to physical activity both in sedentary subjects and in sports.

- Absence of general organic fatigue.

- Rapid progress made.


To achieve a deep and effective muscle stimulation it is essential that the muscle bundles are exercised taking into account their shape, size and orientation. ROTOFIT is the patented system that allows you to immediately place the pairs of electrodes on the various muscle groups according to their natural anatomy.


  • Number of outputs: 2
  • WAVEFORM: Rectangular symmetrical biphasic
  • PULSE WIDTH: 200 microsec
  • OUTPUT CURRENT: 80 mA (load 1kohm)MAX
  • FREQUENCY: 35-80hz
  • CONTRACTION TIME: 1-3.5 Sec.
  • PAUSE TIME: 1 Sec.

Tua Excel

Tua Excell Rotofit system




Tua Excel


9V alkaline battery



Tua Excel


Soft clutch bag



Tua Excel

1 extension for application on every part of the body

1 Kit 4 sponges replacement

Manual of use and application

YOUR EXCEL has 2 specific work programs:

tua excel vupiesse

1 TONE – program for toning and firming the body

TUA EXCEL’s TONE program is able to provide really focused body sculpting using the action of the excito-motor current which optimizes trophism and muscular tone and drains liquids which have built up in the tissues. TONE exercises muscles with prolonged contractions followed by short relaxing pauses. This ensures demanding muscular work, comparable to a with gym workout with heavy weights (bodybuilding) and consequent intense vascularization which enables rapid recovery of muscular tone and mass.


tua excel vupiesse

2 SLIM – program for reducing adipose zones.

The excito-motor action of the SLIM program with its fast exercise (short contractions followed by equally short pauses for relaxation), comparable to aerobic workouts, submits the treated area to a dynamic muscular activity, which results in a considerable increase of local blood circulation and a consequent rise in temperature.

This "gymnastics" also has the advantage of being able to be carried out by everyone, without cardiovascular involvement, without acceleration of the respiratory acts, nor of the heartbeat.


It complies with the strictest international standards, entirely designed and manufactured by Vupiesse Italia, a company with Quality System certified to EN ISO 9001:2000 and EN ISO 13485:2004 standards by the German German Authority TÜV Rheinland , with experience in the production of professional electromedical equipment widely used in major hospitals, sports medicine centers, physiotherapy and medical aesthetics.

During the menstrual period, the conductivity of the skin changes; stimulation may be less pleasant.

Stimulation can cause skin redness at the electrodes, especially in subjects with extremely sensitive skin. Such redness is completely normal and normally disappears in no time.

  • Do not apply the electrodes in hyperpigmented areas (large moles) and varicose veins.
  • Do not apply the electrodes directly to the breast but to the breast support muscles.
  • Do not use in intimate and delicate areas nor in the armpits, groin, recesses of the knees.
  • Do not use on the abdomen in pregnant women.
  • Do not use Tua Excel on children, peacemakers and people in debilitated psychophysical conditions and in case of physiological and organic abnormalities.
  • Do not apply in the presence of metal prostheses or aorto-abdominal bypass.
  • Do not apply in transthoracic mode to avoid interference with heart rate.


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