Mesis PressoMassage EKO 4 rooms - Configuration Advance

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Advance Configuration With 2 Leggings And Abdominal Fascia Buttocks

Pressomassage Ekò® (Mod.PSG-EKO-2GK): In Configuration With 2 Legs And Slim Body Kit It is possible to use 1 Applicator Or 2 O 3 Applicators simultaneously, You Can Decide Between 5 Possible Combinations.

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FO-3001 (mod. EKO)-2GK


Mesis PressoMassage EKO 4 rooms - Configuration Advance

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Ekò is the new model of domestic pressotherapy with standard applicators with 4 independent air chambers. Leggings, bracelet and abdominal belt are of high quality and durable, as well as the compressor (heart of pressotherapy) is derived from the models of the upper range. The most "big" news is the price: finally a pressotherapy of quality accessible to all!

A great sequential massage

The pressure is exerted by only one chamber at a time, inflating first the foot area, then that of the calf and to follow the knee and thigh.

Pressotherapy Pressomassage Ekò, aesthetic applications:

  • Cellulite
  • Aesthetic lymphatic drainage legs massage
  • Aesthetic lymphatic drainage arm massage
  • Water retention
  • Relaxation

Aesthetic device for home use with Italian declaration of conformity

1 programme

Pressure adjustment 30~240mmHg 10%;

Adjustable treatment time 0~30 min.

Power supply: AC220V~ AC240V 50/60hz

Power 25 Watt

Dimensions 240X200X115mm

Weight : 2,0 Kg. the equipment, the package 3,5 Kg.

The configuration includes:

  • the equipment,
  • 2 leggings
  • 2 single connectors for leggings
  • 1 splitter
  • Kit Slim Body (1 abdominal band/ buttocks with 1 single connector for band + 1 splitter)
  • multilingual handbook.
  • You can use applicators in 5 combinations.
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