New Pocket Magneter Magnetotherapy Portable for pain care

Small low-frequency magnetotherapy. Ideal for home applications. 68 preset programs + 20 free. One pair of solenoids for one or two applications. 120 Gauss Max.

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New Pocket Magneter Magnetotherapy Portable for pain care

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New pocket Magneter, the easy to use Magnetotherapy!

New Pocket Magneter is the latest type of low-frequency magnetotherapy device, small in size and very easy to use.

New Pocket Magneter is ideal for home applications with 68 preset programs ready to use for the most common diseases. New Pocket Magneter also contains free programs to set therapies tailored to your needs.

Rechargeable battery power supply, external power supply

Number of output channels 1

Number of programs 68 preset + 20 free

Frequency (Hz)  1-100

Continuous/modulated emission

Power Output  (60x2) max 120 Gauss (solenoids) 300 (with mat)

User manual and applications


1 pair of solenoids

2 elastic bands fastening

Rechargeable battery

External power supply

• Fractures • Sciatalgia

• Delay in consolidation

• Pseudoarthrosis • Paresis

• Osteoporosis • Skin lesions

• Arthritis • Bedsores

• Periarthritis • Acne

• Arthropathies • Psoriasis/eczema

• Osteoarthritis • Scars

• Coxoartrosis • Dermatitis

• Ankle sprain • Urogynecological diseases

• Knee sprain • Menstrual problems

• Luxations • Gastrite

• Wrinkles • Hemorrhoids

• Whiplash • Ulcerative colitis

• Contusions • Nephrites

• Contractures • Arteriopathies

• Tears • Migraine/headache

• Myositis • Bronchial asthma

• Multiple sclerosis • Dental pain

• Tendinitis • Cold hands

• Tenovaginitis • Diabetes

• Carpal tunnel• Adiposity

• Bursitis • Cellulite

• Epicondylitis • Stress

• Cervicalgia • Depression

• Low back pain • Dizziness

Use is not recommended in the following cases:

Pregnant women, tuberculosis, juvenile diabetes, viral diseases (acute), mycosis, subjects with heart disease, suffering from cancer, severe arrhythmias or carriers of pace-makers, children, carriers of magnetizable prostheses, acute infections, epileptics (unless otherwise prescribed).

There are no known significant side effects related to therapy, there are reported problems related to excessive exposure to the electromagnetic field generated by the devices. Read the manual and the contraindications reported in it before use. In case of doubts or concerns, contact your doctor.


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New Pocket Magneter Magnetotherapy Portable for pain care

Warranty: 2 years

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