MOB Unit for Vupiesse XFormer EXE

Mobile Unit Optional A 2 Outputs

The Mobile Unit Vupiesse MOB is supplied as standard with 4 Special Mini Rechargeable Batteries Ni-Mh (2/3 AAA).

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MOB Unit for Vupiesse XFormer EXE

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An Extra Option For The Electrostimulator xformer EXE!

MOB unit (optional) the portable electrostimulator can be placed side by side with xformer/EXE, can also be used separately, practical and very light.

Portable 2-channel electrostimulator completely autonomous, lightweight and practical, able to apply all its programs on the go, in the car, in the office or wherever you prefer to devote some time to your well-being. MOB also allows you to train together with another person, even by selecting two different work schedules.

The MOB unit, loading a work program from the pincipal unit, adds to xformer EXE two new outputs and allows you to use as many as 12 electrodes on the body even with different programs. But Mob is also perfectly autonomous and so with xformer/Exe two different people can train simultaneously.


MOB Unit

  • No. of outputs:2
  • Wave shape:Rectangular two-phase symmetrical
  • Width of impulses: 50-400µSec (+-5%)
  • No. of programs:1 executable program(storage of 1 of the 57 programs resident in the main unit)
  • Max current intensity:99 mA (+-5%)
  • (measured on each impulse, load 1KOhm)
  • Frequencies:da 1-120 Hz(+-5%)
  • Contraction time:1 - 15 sec.
  • Recovery time:3 - 30 sec.
  • Ramp-Up:0,5 - 3 sec.
  • Ramp-Down:0,5 - 3 sec.
  • Voltage supply:4 Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries (2/3 AAA-12V-350 mA/h)
Mob Unit (optional)  2 output
2 cables for connecting the electrodes
4 electrode gel adhesives 9x4 cm

4 electrode gel adhesives 3.5x4.5 cm
8 round water electrodes diameter 7.8 cm 
2 water-electrode elastic fastening belts

1 x 4 spare sponge packs 

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