Mesis Magnetoterapia MagnetoWaves “FIRST“

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Mesis Magnetoterapia MagnetoWaves  First
  • Mesis Magnetoterapia MagnetoWaves  First
  • Mesis Magnetoterapia MagnetoWaves First Kit
  • Mesis Magnetotherapy MagnetoWaves First attack
  • Mesis Magnetotherapy MagnetoWaves First Front

MEDICAL DEVICE Mesis for High and Low frequency Magnetotherapy 10 Channels | Max power 250 Gauss per channel (1,000 Gauss tot.) 168 Programs

One of a kind

High and low frequency magnetotherapy device designed like no one has ever thought before: specific medical programs for 118 pathologies including a universal program. As many as 25 specific programs for the Aesthetics and beauty of the whole body. 38 specific programs for Sport (of which 23 included in medical). With 24 optional accessories including high efficiency rectangular diffusers, handpieces and textile diffusers in High frequency. MagnetoWaves has a maximum low frequency emission power of 250 gauss max per channel (1,000 Gauss tot.) and a high frequency range from 8hz to 15,000hz.

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Warranty: 2 years (home use, 1 year professional use)

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Mesis Magnetoterapia MagnetoWaves “FIRST“

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Magnetotherapy MagnetoWaves FIRST

  • Medical device (CE1370) for professional and domestic magnetotherapy
  • Power supply 230 vac
  • Power frequency 50 hz
  • Power consumption 50 w
  • Electrical insulation class II
  • Type of parts applied B
  • LF magnet working frequencies (Low frequency) 5 - 200 Hz
  • Flow density LF max. 250 GAUSS pp
  • CMP LF irradiated 2 - 250 GAUSS
  • Working frequencies magnet HF (carrier) 20 Mhz
  • HF magnet working frequencies (High frequency) 8 - 15,000 Hz
  • Flow density HF max. 7 mw (on 75 OHM resistive load)
  • CMP HF radiated 3 mw (on 75 OHM resistive load)
  • Working frequency photocatalysis (Light) 5 - 200 Hz (MagnetoBrightness)
  • Wavelength 420 - 920 nm/P
  • 168 programs (beauty, wellness and sport)
  • Free programmable programs 10
  • Program duration 60 minutes

MagnetoWaves device

2 rectangular speakers Low frequency

2 rectangular loudspeakers High frequency

2 rectangular loudspeakers MagnetoBrightness High and Low frequency

1 Low frequency emission tester (magnet)

1 High frequency emission tester (electronic tester)

1 cable for textile diffuser connection

1 bag for carrying the device

1. Choosing the program 2. Connecting the chosen accessory 3. Starting the treatment


1. Choice of programme

  • On the display are listed the programs in numerical order from n. 1 to n. 168:
  • [Medical/Wellness Programs] from n. 1 to n. 118
  • [Sport programs] from n. 119 to n. 133
  • [Aesthetic Programs] from n. 134 to n. 158
  • Free programs from n. 159 to n. 168

Choose the program using the two buttons with the arrows, holding down the button for more than a second will accelerate the scrolling of the programs to reach more quickly what you want to use.

2. Connection of the chosen accessory

Connect the chosen accessory to the device, in addition to the supplied speakers (2 High frequency speakers and 2 Low frequency speakers), you can choose from many optional accessories (you can connect up to 10 accessories simultaneously), for example: MagnetoBrightness handpiece, intensifier pocket for diffuser, renal/lumbar fascia, trapezoidal cervical fascia and many more. 2. Connection of the chosen accessory

3. Initiation of processing

Once placed or worn the accessory in the area of the body to be treated simply press "Start", it will begin the emission in both High (HF) and Low (LF) frequency. If you use only a textile accessory, which emits magnetotherapy in High frequency, you can pause the emission of the Low frequency simply by pressing the "Start/Stop" button on the right side of the front of MagnetoWaves.

Elenco programmi MagnetoWaves MESIS.pdf

The apparatus is locally contraindicated:

  • on the carotid sinus
  • in the pregnant woman
  • in cardiac pace-maker carriers
  • on cancer zones
  • on varicose veins
  • in full flebites and thrombophlebitis
  • on the growing cartilage
  • carriers of I.U.S. (spiral)
  • bearers of baclofen infusers and similar peridural devices
  • on the joint areas and bone segments equipped with prostheses and/or plates and fixing screws over the eyes


The device is not recommended:

  • in severe hypertensive and cardiopathic
  • in epileptics
  • in the severely debilitated patient who is unable to communicate
  • in children under 15 and in children
  • in the first hours after an acute trauma

If you have any doubts or concerns, you should consult a doctor.

Read the manual and contraindications before use.


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Mesis Magnetoterapia MagnetoWaves “FIRST“

Warranty: 2 years (home use, 1 year professional use)

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