I Tech Orthomag Magnetotherapy

Low frequency magnetotherapy with flexible portable universal applicator

maximum ergonomics and wearability, last generation lithium battery from 900 mas.

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Warranty: 2 years

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Advantages by purchasing this product:

  • Wide selection of treatable diseases
  • Immediate reduction of pain
  • High power in Gauss
  • Wide range of programmes
  • Different types of solenoids
  • Reliable and Well-known Brand




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I Tech Orthomag Magnetotherapy

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Magnetotherapy for professional and home use!

Instrument for magnetoterapy to low frequency I TECH Orthomag

-Orthomag® PEMF has 2 pre-setted programs. The first (L button) works at 50 Hz for the treatment of the bones tissues pathologies (e.g., arthrosis, fractures, osteoporosis).
-The second program (H button) operates at 75 HZparticularly indicated for inflammatory problems (e.g., tendinitis, lower back pains and neck pains).
-Both programs reach an intensity of maximum 25 Gauss. The power unit has 2 bicolor led for the indications of program settings and operation settings (connection to the mains, battery level).
-Orthomag® is equipped with an ultimate 900 mA lithium battery with no memory effect that works for over 3 hours of therapy (maximum 4).
-The Orthomag® has a belt clip to wear the power unit everywhere you go.
-Orthomag® universal applicator is patented and unique. It is weightless, comfortable and especially FLEXIBLE.
No other low frequency PEMF therapy applicator on the market is so thin and light. It flexes, fitting to your body.

2 programs (50-75 Hz)

Rechargeable lithium battery

Up to 25 gauss each program

ORTHOMAG device;

  • battery charger (approx.1.5 m cable);
  • user manual;
  • universal flexible applicator (approx.1.5 m cable);
  • carriage bag;
  • test emissions magnet;
  • Two elastic bands (S and L size);
  • car charger (optional).

It definitely solves the problems of weight, size and flexibility. Orthomag has two programs

(50-75Hz) for the treatment of pathologies related to bone tissue and problems related

to inflammatory conditions.

Use is not recommended in the following cases:

Pregnant women, tuberculosis, juvenile diabetes, viral diseases (acute), mycosis, subjects with heart disease, suffering from cancer, severe arrhythmias or carriers of pace-makers, children, carriers of magnetizable prostheses, acute infections, epileptics (unless otherwise prescribed).

There are no known significant side effects related to therapy, there are reported problems related to excessive exposure to the electromagnetic field generated by the devices. Read the manual and the contraindications reported in it before use. In case of doubts or concerns, contact your doctor.


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I Tech Orthomag Magnetotherapy


Warranty: 2 years

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