HG Dryer Phon Infrared

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HG Dryer Phon Infrared

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HG Dryer Phon Infrared is a must have for every hair style salon, thanks to its high technical qualities and the excellent performance that ensures. This product helps the hairdresser in reducing the time of styling, allowing him to obtain an optimal result. A fast and performing product.

The HG Dryer Phon Infrared creates concrete benefits: the infrared rays used create an action of vasodilation, which allows a greater oxygenation of the skin. This not only leaves the hair soft and resistant, but also allows preventive action against hair loss. This is a feature that a professional hair dryer must have. It has antibacterial and antistatic properties. The constant use ensures better results on the skin, for this is a product that, in addition to being recommended as a professional hair dryer, can be recommended by the hairdresser to the customer, even for home use.

The technical features of HG Dryer Infrared Hair Dryer

Among the professional hair dryers this is one of the most recommended. The quality/price ratio identifies it as one of the best phon: in a professional salon this product is used for several hours a day. The Dryer Phon guarantees a duration of up to 2,000 hours, which allows an excellent cushioning of the cost.

This professional hair dryer also ensures an energy saving of 200w: a considerable advantage in an activity such as a hair style salon, where the energy required for the many appliances in use is always high. The diffuser is included in the package.

All the advantages of infrared radiation

A professional salon must always ensure perfect and long-lasting hairstyles: this hair dryer helps in the final result. Infrared are applied in different fields also for therapies: for this reason their use through a product of daily use or almost, can improve the health status of the hair. This goes to reflect on the success of the hairstyles.

Infrared rays speed up the drying process. In addition, they give benefits to the scalp: its well-being is fundamental to the health of the hair itself. Thanks to irradiation, the styling has a longer life. A professional-level result! A healthy hair is seen: it is soft, smooth, full-bodied.  HG Dryer Hair Dryer Infrared allows the cuticles to remain closed and this ensures a greater maintenance of styling for any type of hair, eliminating frizzy unwanted effects.

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