Curling Iron Spectrum Cone Big Infrared 230°

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Curling Iron Spectrum Cone Big Infrared 230°

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A hair style salon needs professional hair irons, to ensure perfect styling. The Iron Big Infrared 230 SPECTRUM Cone responds to all needs, to create wavy or curly hairstyles. The curly and babyliss are among the hairstyles most requested to hairdressers and require a high definition of the hair wave, whether it is more defined or softer.

This iron can handle any type of hair: from medium to longer cuts, thin hair and thicker ones. Its conical shape has a diameter that varies from 3.2 cm to 1 cm: this variety of diameter allows you to create the perfect curl on all styling.

Technical characteristics

Let’s see the technical features of the hair iron HG SPECTRUM Cone Big Infrared 230,

The Iron SPECTRUM Cone Big Infrared 230 International has an adjustable temperature from 90 It is equipped with a cable 3 meters long high resistance, which allows you to use it easily for the salon. Not only! In case of transport abroad, the dual power 100-204v allows its use: the iron adapts to the input voltage.

When there is a need to optimize the time and performance, for the salon to be particularly crowded, this product guarantees a professional performance: thanks to the power of 150w ensures an immediate recovery of the temperature, while you use it. In case it is turned off the Iron SPECTRUM Cone Big Infrared 230, is ready to use in 50 seconds, after ignition.

The curl of the hair must be well defined

The curl, to be successful and beautiful to see, must be defined and leave the hair soft and shiny. To achieve this result it is important to have a constant temperature from root to tip: this allows the cuticle of the hair to remain closed. The hair is not ruined with the Iron SPECTRUM Cone Big Infrared 230 also thanks to IR Infrared technology, which has an antibacterial and protective function. In addition, the diffuser and positive ions eliminates the frizz and electrostatic effect, which could occur on wet days and that would compromise a fine styling.

In case the iron is used by a more inexperienced employee is supplied in the package a protective glove: useful to be able to practice without having unpleasant burns, The iron is patented in both design and length and meets all required compliance requirements.


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