New Age Pocket Sonovit - Ultrasonic pain therapy device

Apparatus Ultrasonic professional

30 preset programs + 10 free. Waterproof head for immersion treatments. Excellent for therapeutic and aesthetic applications. Frequency 1/3 Mhz. Head with a diameter of 45 mm.

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New Age Pocket Sonovit - Ultrasonic pain therapy device

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The Professional Ultrasound Device for Home Therapy

The professional ultrasonic therapy machine!  

It is the brand new professional device for physical therapy and aesthetic cavitation, characterized by ease of use and versatility in applications. The supplied cartridge and the device, in fact, can deliver vibrations to perform numerous therapeutic applications. Pocket SONOVIT contains preset programs with parameters for the most common applications; it works with electric current and with an internal rechargeable battery. Pocket SONOVIT is equipped with a convenient briefcase for transport and home therapy.


  • PRI power supply: 230V 50hz SEC: 12V- 1A
  • Internal power supply: Ni-MH 6V-1.8 Ah rechargeable battery
  • Number of output channels:  1
  • Number of programs:  20 physiotherapists + 10 esthetics + 10 free
  • Frequency (MHz):  1-3
  • Output:  continuous, 1/5, 1/10)
  • Power output:  3 W/cmq
  • Dimensions: 175x105x40h [mm]
  • Weight: 400 [g]
  • Formation: BF
  • Classification with respect to the entry of liquids: IP20
  • Safety in the presence of flammable anesthetic gases: not AP or APG category
  • Apparatus for operation: continuous
  • Suitcase
  • Handpiece diameter 45 mm
  • rechargeable battery
  • external power supply
  • user manual with photo applications
  • Bone atrophy                          
  • Periarthritis
  • Bony callus 
  • Bursitis
  • Osteitis and periostitis  
  • Tendinitis
  • Delays in ossification                      
  • Tenovaginitis
  • Arthritis/osteoarthritis                          
  • Edematous localized cavitation-cellulite
  • Joint stiffness      
  • Cavitation-flaccid cellulite
  • Distortions    
  • Cavitation-cellulite localized compact
  • Lumbago   
  • Edematous diffuse cavitation-cellulite
  • Mialgie         
  • Cavitation-flaccid diffuse cellulite
  • Spasms         
  • Cavitation-cellulite diffuse compact
  • Muscle strains     
  • Cavitation-cellulite diffuse compact
  • Contracture 
  • Cavitation-lymph diffuse drainage
  • Contusions   
  • Local cavitation-slimming
  • Tenosynovies
  • Cavitation-diffuse slimming
  • Epicondylitis  
  • Conditions such as thrombophlebitis and phlebitis, in which the administration of ultrasound can cause rupture of emboli, are not treated with ultrasound.
  • Areas with acute sepsis should not be treated with ultrasound due to the danger of spread of infection.
  • Radiation therapy has a negative effect on the tissues, so that ultrasound should not be applied to areas subjected to radiation before six months have elapsed since irradiation.
  • Tumors should not be subjected to ultrasound because they may stimulate growth and/or cause metastases.
  • A pregnant uterus should not be treated with ultrasound because it could cause damage to the fetus (ultrasound scanning as a diagnostic tool during pregnancy is different from that used for therapeutic purposes).
  • Patients with pacemakers are forbidden to use.
  • Do not use in regions with prostheses and osteosynthesis materials.
  • In regions where endotissue synthesis means are present (plaques inserted as a result of operations, etc.) or on bone marrow and spine.
  • In subjects under the age of fifteen or on children.
  • On noble organs (ovaries, heart, head, genitals, eyes, etc.).
  • In subjects with feverish states.


In case of doubts or concerns, contact your doctor.

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