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Magnetoterapia to High frequency

Portable device for high frequency magnetotherapy, high efficiency rechargeable battery

20 PROGRAMS with adjustable frequency from 8 to 640 Hz and therapy time up to 24 hours

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I Tech Mag 2000 Plus Magnetotherapy 2 channels

I Tech Mag 2000 Plus Magnetotherapy 2 channels


Warranty: 2 years

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MAG 1000

Magnetotherapy for professional and domiciliary use!

Instrument for magnetoterapia to low frequency My Mag 1000.

The experience acquired with the model My Mag and the good therapeutic results of this device has pushed us to improve him/it and to make even more it performante maintaining the simplicity of use that for a long time it countersigns our products.

MAG1000 is the natural evolution of My Mag, from which it inherits the band elastic therapeutics to three solenoids and the two output channels that allow to treat in way independent two zones of the body.

MAG1000 is endowed with 20 programs preimpostati identified by the name of the pathologies most common (osteoporosi, periartrite etc), 14 programs identified by the frequency of job (from 1 to 100 Hertz) and a program variation Autoscan it continues of frequency for the treatment of soft fabrics and hard fabrics in the same session of therapy.

MAG1000 allows to freely plan the intensity of the magnetic field for all the programs, with maximum values up to 300 Gausses on the two exits (150 Gausses for exit) in the programs with frequencies of job from 1 to 100 Hertz.

Performances to the maximum levels of market and simplicity of use in a solid instrument and from the winning design: in authentic Italian style. MAG1000 subsequently improves the performances and confirmation the business record on the market of the magnetoterapia with a device able to develop up to 300 Gausses around 2 channels.


  • Large display
  • 2 belts connections
  • Adjustable intensity on 3 levels
  • Wrong belt connection indicator
  • Backlight display
  • Belt clip
  • Medical device CE0476
  • Device Mag 1000
  • 1 Elastic therapeutic
  • Internal Ni-Mh rechargeable battery pack with new LL technology (long lasting)
  • Battery charger
  • 1 User manual with belt positioning
  • Transport Bag
  • Osteoporosis
  • Arthrosis
  • Arthritis
  • Cervical arthrosis
  • Articular pain
  • Cervicalgias
  • Sprains
  • Fractures 
  • Epicondylitis
  • Epitrocleitis
  • Intercost.Contusions 
  • Lumbalgy
  • Lumbar pain 
  • Shoulder arthrosis
  • Knee arthrosis
  • Periarthritis 
  • Coxarthrosis 
  • Musc.Atrophy 
  • Musc.Contracture
  • Osteonecrosis

You dissuades the use the following cases:
Women in state of pregnancy, tuberculosis, juvenile diabetes, viral (in acute phase) illnesses, micosi, subjects with cardiopatie, affections from tumors, serious arrhythmias or carriers of peace-maker, children, carriers of prosthesis magnetizzabili, acute infections, epileptic (different medical prescriptions excepted).
They are not known meaningful tied up collateral effects to the therapy, problems they are brought to the electromagnetic field produced by the devices of it tied up to the excessive exposure. Light the manual and the side effects in it brought before the use. In case of doubts or perplexity to turn to his/her own taking care of physician.

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