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It is the most versatile and powerful product in the range, ideal for all parts of the body, except the skull, for all osteo-articular pain and muscle tears. Ultra-infrared ceramic with 5 permanent neodymium magnets of 3000 gauss covered with gold. Dimensions 23x18 cm.

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Magnetic Insole for Energy and Balance Recovery

Magnetic Insole for Energy and Balance Recovery

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Magnetotherapy Stop the pain!

made in italy

It is the most versatile and most powerful product in the range, it can be used in all parts of the body, except the skull for all osteo-articular pain, muscle tears etc..., facilitates the formation of the bone callus in fractures, even those not invissable (ribs).
Made of ultrainfrared ceramic, it contains 5 permanent neodymium magnets of 3000 gauss covered with pure gold.  


quickly soothes joint pain in all parts of the body (do not use on the skull)
useful in the recovery of: bone fractures, muscle tears, dislocations and contusions
facilitates the formation of bone callus even in non-infectable fractures (ribs)  

USE: The band must be placed on the area and maintained if necessary at night. The application time may vary from a few minutes to several hours and in any case until the disorder has decreased or ceased.  In subjects suffering from seasonal pain, periodic or frequent, can be used in a preventive way.

Magnetotherapy with stable field magnets has distant historical origins. In China, Jesus Christ was already used many years before his birth. Notes on this are found in the works of Plato, Homer and Aristotle. Numerous experts and scientists, in various Eastern and Western countries, have studied and conducted experiments on biomagnetism, but only after 1940 world research began the scientific phase on magnetotherapy which produced texts that systematically validate the beneficial effects on plants, animals and man.

The effects of magnetotherapy are neither magical nor miraculous but are well anchored to science because the cells of the human body are small natural magnets, with a north pole and a south pole and as such are influenced, for better or for worse, by external magnetic fields, natural or artificial. Moreover, all the functions of the organism are regulated by electrical and magnetic impulses, without which man could not live.

In fact, the electrocardiogram is nothing more than the biomagnetism of the heart, as the electroencephalogram is of the brain. It is not difficult, then, to understand why external magnetic fields are able to influence the work of cells and correct organic imbalances. The French doctor Jean-Pierre Floril, keeping under control the patients admitted to the sanatorium of Grenoble, noted that their most serious disorders always coincided with important variations of terrestrial geomagnetism.

 As a precaution, the use of pacemakers, non-magnetic metal prostheses and pregnant women is not recommended.


How long does the magnetic effect of permanent stable field magnets last? The effect of permanent stable field magnets, used in WIKY-Benessere products, is not exhausted because the magnet is constantly charged by capturing the energy of the electro-magnetic fields with which it comes into contact. The only way to demagnetize them is to bring them, depending on the type, to a temperature from 200 to 600 degrees c.

How do WIKY-Wellness products work on the body? In the same way as magnetotherapy and ultrasound therapy. In WIKY-Wellness products there are two types of effects: the electromagnetic one generated by permanent stable field magnets and the ultrainfrared one far away. Both activate and energize the cells of the body helping the maintenance of well-being.

Can the properties of ultra-infrared ceramic fade over time? The resonance properties of the far-infrared polymer-ceramic, contained in the composite material of WIKY-Wellness products, has no limit to its action as long as it remains intact.

Can there be any negative side effects in the use of WIKY-Wellness products? No, there are no side effects, in fact, from all the studies carried out it was found that stable field magnetism and ultra-infrared ceramics far away have no negative side effects on the body, but only beneficial effects; However, as a precaution, the use of pacemakers and non-magnetic metal prostheses and pregnant women is not recommended.

How long is it recommended to wear the WIKY-Wellness belts to notice the first positive results? The first positive results can already be noticed even after a few hours from the start of the application, but it may also take a few days of constant use.   

Can permanent magnetic fields be harmful?  The magnetic fields of WIKY-Wellness products are not harmful, but only have beneficial effects on the body. As vitamins supplement vitamin deficiencies, permanent magnetic fields supplement the Earth’s magnetic field deficiency. The lack of terrestrial magnetic field can cause the following symptoms: insomnia, dizziness, stiffness of the shoulders, back and neck, lumbago, osteo-articular pain, usual constipation, apathy, depression, etc. ; with WIKY-Wellness products the natural balance of cells is restored which helps the maintenance of well-being

What is Earth’s magnetic field deficiency? The lack of terrestrial magnetic field is the reduction of the organism’s interaction with the terrestrial magnetic field, indispensable for the good health of the organism. Modern living conditions, living in reinforced concrete buildings, little in contact with the ground, prevent the body from absorbing the necessary magnetism from the ground and this can cause the following symptoms: insomnia, dizziness, stiffness of shoulders, back and neck, lumbago, joint pain, chest pain, habitual constipation, apathy, depression, etc.

Can permanent magnets protect against domestic electro-magnetic fields?

Yes, because the magnets absorb the electromagnetic fields with which they come into contact by removing them from the organism for which they would be harmful.

How does the WIKY-Wellness sleep system protect against the adverse health effects of the Hartmann network nodes?

According to Hartmann’s network theory, the earth is wrapped in a magnetic lattice and Dr. Ernst Hartmann argues that:   "Except very few diseases, such as flu, measles, cold, etc., there are few diseases that are not caused by a narrow streak". The WIKY Wellness sleep system, with the magnets it is supplied with, creates a protective shield to the body that absorbs the excessive electromagnetic potential of narrow smears, avoiding the consequent pathologies

When should the application of a WIKY Wellness product be suspended?

When you have obtained the desired beneficial effect or in case of impafferenza to the use of the product itself. In some cases at first use there may be an increase in discomfort, which gradually disappears with constant use. However, use may be suspended and resumed gradually.

Can WIKY Wellness products demagnetize credit cards, etc.?

Yes, you can demagnetize credit cards, Atms and all other media that are placed in contact with magnets and that fear demagnetization including hard drives of PC.

Can the power of the WIKY Wellness mattress and sleep system magnets be harmful? In mattresses the arrangement and the power of the magnets used, are designed to have maximum effectiveness without creating inconvenience. In addition, the memory and ultrainfrared ceramics give a unique comfort and hospitality and predispose the body to the natural and vital function of self-healing.   

Can the WIKY Wellness Sleep System reproduce the effects of north-south polarization in the bed where it is used? In homes where the bedroom is not oriented North-South, as suggested by Japanese bio-architecture, the WIKY-Wellness sleep system compensates for the lack of Earth’s magnetic field by restoring the biomagnetic balance. In this way our cells, under the influence of their natural frequency, greatly improve their purification and regeneration process. In addition, this new biomagnetic balance, acts effectively on painful symptoms by stimulating and rebalancing the neurovegetative system, the immune and tissue elasticity.

Can the power of the various magnets in the WIKY-Wellness bands have harmful effects on the human body? No, because, in the various products, the power and position of the permanent magnets are studied and tested so that they give only the energy needed for the purpose. 

How do you produce the effects of WIKY-Wellness products? WIKY-Benessere products use ultra-infrared magneto-ceramic composite material that emits two types of energy: biomagnetic that is able to positively influence the various processes that regulate the vital functions of the cell membrane and ultrainfrared (F.I.R.) that resonates with the water molecules of the organism, producing various useful effects for the maintenance of well-being.

What are the effects of WIKY-Wellness? WIKY-Wellness belts are useful for improving blood and lymphatic circulation, stimulating the immune system, reducing fatigue, relieving stress, improving postural stability and inhibiting bacterial development.  

If there is an infection in place, what effect do WIKY-Wellness products have on bacteria? The effect of the ultra-infrared magneto-ceramic composite material of WIKY-Benessere products is twofold: that of the magnetic south pole and that of ultrainfrared (F.I.R.) that help to inhibit bacterial development.  

Do you sleep more with the use of the WIKY-Wellness Sleep System? The use of the WIKY-Wellness sleep system is useful for a more restful and regenerating sleep and the duration may be lower than usual.

The WIKY-Wellness mattress and headbands can be useful in
case of bone fractures? In the case of bone fracture the bandages and the mattress are of help for the formation of the bone callus, especially in the case of fractures that cannot be plastered to eg. in fractures of the pelvis, ribs or vertebrae. 

How does the WIKY-Wellness sleep system interact with osteoporosis? In case of osteoporosis, which frequently degenerates with pain and with possible microfractures, the use of the WIKY-Wellness sleep system is useful for the maintenance of well-being and provides a valid aid for the regeneration of cells.

Where should I place the multi-purpose disks to reduce the heat from menopause? In order to calm the side effects of menopausal heaters, WIKY-Benessere multi-purpose discs should be placed, with the grey side on the skin, in correspondence with the ovaries and should be maintained until the discomfort has calmed down. They can also be used in a preventive way to avoid the onset of discomfort.

With the use of WIKY Wellness disc straps, can pain in menstruation be reduced? In menstrual pains, to obtain an antalgic effect, the WIKY-Wellness multipurpose diskettes should be placed, with the grey side on the skin, in correspondence with the ovaries and should be maintained until the discomfort has calmed down. They can also be used as a preventive measure to prevent the onset of pain.

What positive effect do WIKY-Wellness magnetic bottle covers have on water? WIKY-Benessere magnetic bottle covers, coated with ultra-infrared polymer-ceramics and containing high-power permanent magnets, magnetize and photonise the water or other liquids on which they are placed. Treated water has the ability to store and transport the energy frequencies of the substances with which it comes into contact, becomes pure and vital rich in bio-information such as source information and is useful for preventing the formation of kidney stones and for detoxifying the liver. For the maintenance of well-being it is useful to take it regularly every day.

How long does it take to have the water magnetized and photonized and how long does the effect last? Before drinking the water, leave the bottle cover for 1 to 12 hours, then consume it within the same period used to magnetize it. For example, if you magnetize water for 12 hours, it is useful to consume it within the next 12 hours, because after this period the effects will gradually begin to decrease.

How much water can WIKY-Wellness bottles treat you every day? Can anyone drink it? You can drink the same amount of water normally recommended, although the water after being treated becomes more pleasant to the taste and more drinkable and you are led to drink more. Anyone can drink it.

Is it true that the Max platelet associated with the use of WIKY-Wellness multipurpose diskettes can help in prostatitis? The Max platelet and the WIKY-Benessere multi-purpose diskettes, containing high power permanent magnets, are also useful to relieve the prostate and reduce the continuous stimulus to urination. The Max platelet should be placed in the area below the prostate while the multipurpose disk should be placed on the abdomen at the bladder, both with the gray side in contact with the skin.

Can multi-purpose disks and platelets be used throughout the body? They can be used throughout the body, it is generally not recommended to use on the head and stomach only during digestion.

Can the use of the WIKY-Wellness hand band be beneficial to the hands in cases of contractures (Dupuytren’s disease)? At the initial state of this pathology, with the regular use during the night of the hand-beams WIKY Wellness, you can appreciate considerable improvements compared to the disorder.

Can WIKY-Wellness products be used in a preventive way and even just to maintain well-being? WIKY-Wellness products can be used in advance to maintain well-being in particular the sleep system, which includes the mattress, the duvet and the pillow, promotes and enhances during the REM phase the natural self-healing, creating the conditions for well-being.  

 Who suffers from insomnia can benefit from the use of the WIKY-Wellness sleep system? The WIKY Wellness sleep system is suitable for everyone to sleep better and more deeply, especially for people who suffer from insomnia.

Who has liver problems can have benefits by drinking water treated with the WIKY bottle band Wellnessthe water treated with the WIKY bottle band Well-being helps the liver intoxicated. After a few months of intake of the treated water, gradually the disturbances are attenuated and the usual use helps the maintenance of well-being.

Who has kidney stones and/or renella problems, can take the water treated with the WIKY Wellness bottle band and what benefits can it have? Those suffering from kidney stones or renella, can take the treated water with positive effects for burning and discomfort in urine etc. Drinking regularly prevents ailments and helps maintain well-being.

 Can ultrainfrared ceramics have side effects? The ceramic contained in the ultrainfrared polymer-ceramic far away, has no side effects. Scientific studies on far infrared rays (ultra-infrared - F.I.R.), show that they are essential to all forms of animal and plant life and have beneficial and therapeutic properties.

What are the effects of ultrainfrared ceramics? The most interesting fundamental properties of ultrainfrared polymer-ceramic contained in WIKY-Wellness products are:
a) Reflection: ultra-infrared rays generate heat by directly radiating the bodies which in turn reflect a part of it.
b) penetration: ultra-infrared rays penetrate deeply into the organic tissues providing vital energy to the cells.
c) resonance: ultra-infrared rays resonate with water molecules by activating them and producing rotational motions resulting in increased body temperature.
So ultrainfrared rays improve blood and lymphatic circulation, stimulate the immune system, reduce fatigue, relieve stress, improve postural stability and inhibit bacterial development.

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