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Twin-Up Body-Face is a latest generation electrostimulator expressly designed for muscular exercise with the aim of training, firming and toning muscles all over the body and for slimming fatty areas.

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Tua Silver Vupiesse - Tone, Reshape, Slim

Tua Silver Vupiesse - Tone, Reshape, Slim

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Stimulator Globus Duo Pro: Handling and Completeness in the Same Device

Warranty: 2 years

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Body and Face Electrostimulator with 7 Tens Programs!


Twin-up T7 a complete and versatile appliance, convenient to use thanks to its practical case; a complete range of programs for the body and face make it an indispensable home appliance that can be used by the entire family.

Twin-Up Body-Face consists of a main unit with 4 outputs for the body and one separate mobile unit (MOB FACE) with 2 outputs, designed specifically to exercise the face muscles featuring independent operation

Twin-Up T7 features a total of 7 work programs covering three basic categories: Fitness - Beauty - Rehab. 
These work programs have been specially designed by a team of experts and developed to obtain the very best results in every type of application. The electrical parameters contained in each program are in fact perfectly calibrated with respect to the results that each type of user wishes to obtain from the appliance ; it also features a specific eighth program called Set-Up (prog. 0) for pinpointing the stimulation intensity of the single muscle groups.

The work programs are resident in the main unit. Through this main unit they can be "downloaded" one at a time into the MOB T7, which in turn can become a perfectly independent 2-channel electrostimulation unit, with its own work program.


Twin-Up Body-Face features adhesive gel electrodes (standard fittings: 2 sets of 4 electrodes 9 x 4 cm and 2 sets of 4 round adhesive gel electrodes for the face).

T7 Twin-Up Body-Face can be used by 2 different users: one who uses the main unit with one of the programs provided and the other who uses the face program. Or else by the same user who wants to treat the face and body at the same time.




In human beings, muscle contraction is controlled by the central nervous system by means of electro-chemical impulses conveyed through the nervous system. Thanks to a sophisticated and absolutely safe electronic circuitry, Twin-Up T7 generates specific electrical currents that cause muscle contraction by substituting the impulses generated by the central nervous system.
twin up

By modifying a series of parameters, such as the frequency and intensity of the impulses, the length of contraction time, recovery time etc., Twin-Up T7 allows various programmes to be selected, each used to achieve a different objective. These include the development of muscular strength, aesthetic toning and the reduction of fatty deposits but also the decontraction of traumatized and contracted muscles. 

In human beings, skeletal muscle contraction is controlled by the central nervous system by means of electro-chemical impulses. Above is an example of contraction using electrostimulation.


Training by electrostimulation provides a number of advantages which, are such as to integrate and partially replace voluntary training.:

  • Selective stimulation of the muscle group or part of this. (By positioning the electrodes correctly on the different muscles, a specific stimulation can be achieved of the selected muscle. reducing activity of the adjacent muscles to a minimum.)
  • Maximum recruitment of muscle fibres. By setting suitable current intensities, the maximum recruitment of muscle fibres can be obtained, something hard to achieve through voluntary contraction.
  • Absence of load on joints. Especially on the spine, where problems in this area often represent a limitation to physical activity in both sedentary and sportspersons.
  • Absence of general body tiredness
  • Rapid progress

Twin up T7 Vupiesse

The greatest part of the described programs are composed from 3 phases of job: heating (warm-up); training or job; down (cool-down).

At the end of every phase of job Twin-Up T7 automatically passes to the following phase; to mostly allow a comforting passage among the following phases, the passages of phase they are signalled in advance by an intermittent acoustic signal

The duration of the programs is pre-arranged, as the time of every single phase.

Twin-Up T7 allows of "to jump" the phase of heating to low frequency immediately to pass to the phase of job (desirable condition for example when two programs are consecutively used and therefore the heating has already been effected with the first program).


Twin up T7 Vupiesse 1 SLIM – program for slimming fatty areas

The excito-motor action of the SLIM program with its fast exercise (short contractions followed by equally short pauses for relaxation), comparable to aerobic workouts, submits the treated area to a dynamic muscular activity, which results in a considerable increase in local blood circulation and a consequent rise in temperature. This results in increased energy consumption without any strain.



Twin up T7 Vupiesse

2 TONE – program for toning up and firming

Twin-Up T7's TONE program is able to provide really focussed body sculpting using the action of the excito-motor current which optimises trophism and muscular tone and drains liquids which have built up in the tissues.
TONE exercises muscles with prolonged contractions followed by short relaxing pauses. This ensures demanding muscular work, comparable to a with gym workout with heavy weights (bodybuilding) and consequent intense vascularization which enables rapid recovery of muscular tone and mass



Twin up T7 Vupiesse3 LIPOCELL

The LIPOCELL program gets rid of waste substances that tend to intoxicate cells, thereby favouring liquid retention.
The LIPOCELL program is also effective for treating cellulite. By combining LIPOCELL, SLIM (reduction of localised fat) and TONE (restoration of skin and muscular tone) programs, Twin-Up T7 offers an excellent means of dealing with this widespread problem.



Twin up T7 Vupiesse

4 T-BREAST - Specific program for toning up the pectoral muscles, which also support the breasts.

The specific features of this program, its work frequencies and the muscle contraction and recovery times ensure visible improvement of muscle trophism and consequent uplifting of the breasts




Twin up Body Vupiesse5 DECO
This program is expressly conceived to decontract and relax the muscles (eg. cervical area, upper trapezium and muscle alongside the spine). Twin-Up T7 DECO program acts on the contracted areas of the body and improves blood flow. It also relaxes taut and stiff muscles and facilitates the quick neuro-muscular re-adaptation of the area.




Twin up T7 Vupiesse6 TENS (medical program)

The effectiveness of electrical impulses for analgesic purposes has been known for some decades and is based on the scientific "gate control" theory formulated in 1965 by Melzack and Wall. Non-tetanising low frequencies are used, with especially short impulses (30-60 microsec.). These are especially useful because they represent an absolutely non-invasive pain-killing therapy, without the need for drugs, with almost immediate effect, especially in the case of muscle contractions and neuralgias.



Twin up T7 Vupiesse

7 FACE - specific program for stimulating delicate facial muscles 

During life, our face undergoes visible changes: wrinkles appear and become more accentuated, the face's oval changes its lines, the skin loses its normal elasticity and becomes superfluous, causing bags under the eyes, flabby cheeks and relaxation on the neck. To lift the face, work must be done on the muscles. Thanks to its motor/stimulant effect, electrical stimulation can on the other hand increase muscular tone in a harmless manner.






Twin up


leads for connection to electrodes


Twin up


2 sets of 4 round adesive gel electrodes 
for the face, having a 2.5 cm diameter  
sets of adesive gel electrodes 
for the body, having a 9x4 cm diameter


Twin up

mains battery charger
Operator’s manual
carrying case

Technical Details:

Main unit

  • No of outputs:4
  • Wave shapeCompensated rectangular
  • No of programs: 7 +1 di Set-up
  • Current intensity : 70 mA (peak on impulse, load 1KOhm))
  • Width of impulses: 50 - 200µSec
  • Weight : 290gr
  • Dimensions: 124 x 118 x h1 49 x h2 25 mm
  • Voltage supply : 4 alkaline batteries 1,5V AA type or 1 Ni-Mh rechargeable battery pack 4,8V-1.000 mA/h (supplied)

MOB Unità Mobile

  • No of outputs:2
  • Wave shapeCompensated rectangular
  • No of programs: 1 eseguibile (memorizzazione dei 7 programmi residenti sull'unità principale)
  • Current intensity : 70 mA (peak on impulse, load 1KOhm)
  • Width of impulses: 50 - 200µSec
  • Weight : 120gr
  • Dimensions: 120x49xh39mm
  • Voltage supply : 4 Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries (2/3 AAA- 1,2V- 270 mA/h)

Twin-Up Body Face is safe and complies with the most stringent international regulations. It is entirely designed and manufactured by Vupiesse Italia, a company with a Certified Quality System in conformity with EN ISO 9001:2000and EN ISO 13485:2000, issued by the German institutes TÜV-CERT and TÜV RHEINLAND. The company has considerable experience in the manufacture of professional electro-medical equipment, used mainly by the major hospitals and centres that deal with sports medicine, physiotherapy and beauty medicine.

  • During the menstrual period, skin conduction changes; stimulation could prove less comfortable.
  • Stimulation causes reddening of the skin where the electrodes are placed, especially in the case of persons with sensitive skin. Such reddening is perfectly normal and usually disappears quickly.
  • In case of allergy to the electrode gel, suspend treatment and see a doctor. 
  • Do not apply the electrodes to areas with hyperpigmentation (moles) or varicose veins.
  • Do not apply the electrodes directly to the breasts, but to the muscles which support them. 
  • Do not use in intimate areas, under the armpits, in the groin or behind the knees.
  • Do not use on the abdomen of expectant mothers.
  • Do not use TwinUp Body Face on children, people with pace-makers or those in poor psychophysical conditions or with physiological or organic disorders.
  • The appliance is not suited for wearers of metal prostheses or aortoabdominal bypasses. 
  • Do not apply in transthoracic mode to prevent interference with heart frequency and, in general, only use on facial muscles.


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