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Slendertone Abs3 - Abdominals Toning Belt

Slendertone Abs3 - Abdominals Toning Belt

Slendertone Connect Abs - Abdominals Toning Belt

Slendertone Connect Abs - Abdominals Toning Belt

 Warranty: 2 years

Slendertone Abs7 Unisex Toning Belt uses EMS technology to tone & shape your abs. Use 5 times a week for 4 weeks to achieve firmer and more toned abs.

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High intensity abdominal toning belt. Try it!


Slendertone Abs7 Unisex Belt offers the greatest toning intensity (up to 150) and number of programmes (10). Within those programmes, there are 7 passive programmes (no physical activity required) and 3 active programmes (use the belt while doing exercise).

Prodotto da Slendertone

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Clinically proven results:

  • All Slendertone products undergo rigorous clinical trials. Slendertone Abs7 Unisex Belt is clinically proven.
  • 100% of users reporting firmer more toned abs
  • 72% increase in abdominal endurance
  • 49% increase in abdominal strength
  • 20 mins = 120 abdominal crunches
  • Rechargeable hand-held controller - works with Arms accessory

*Clinical trial conducted by Dr. John Porcari, University of Wisconsin, La-Crosse. Flex & Walking (University of Ulster).

Abs7 is small, tasteful and portable. You can use when and where you want. 

Abs7 is clinically prove to work out especially if combined with sport and healthy nutrition. 


EMS Tecnology

Slendertone Abs7 Belt is clinically proven, easy to use and allows a complete work of the abdominal muscles for a firmer and flatter belly.

Use it 5 times a week for 8 weeks to get firmer and toned abdominals. Independent clinical trials have shown:

  • 100% of users report that their abdominals are firmer and toned
  • An average reduction in waist 3.5cm
  • 3 times more effective than its competitors

Flex is designed to be so easy to use that will become part of your life, because it works and it works because you use it.

Simply fasten the belt around your waist, press the start button and Flex stimulates the nerves that contract the muscles of the abdomen, even those who are not directly under your belt.

Flex is small, sleek and portable to be virtually used anytime, anywhere.

Flex is clinically proven to work especially if combined with regular exercise and healthy diet.

Depending on your fitness level, you might begin to see a firmer abdomen and an increase in muscle strength and a more beautiful body in just 4 to 8 weeks



The unique three-electrode configuration proposed by Slendertone stimulates the nerves in specific groups and major areas of the body ensuring that all the muscles of a specific region are involved in the exercise. The result is deep and strong contractions that lead over time the muscles to be firmer and stronger.



Yes, the electric muscle stimulation (EMS) is a gentle therapy for home use and the technology is used regularly by doctors physiotherapists and athletes worldwide. The SLENDERTONE range is marked CE and complies with all requirements of the Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC)


Mode of operation!

Slendertone Flex - Tonificazione AddomeSlendertone uses the technology of firming muscle of the electrostimulators (EMS). By stimulating the nerves that make work the muscles,they provoke contractions strong, deep, but not uncomfortable , which over time will bring your muscles to be firmer and stronger.

This technology has been used by more than 40 years all over the world to hospitals and clinics and physiotherapy practices to strengthen and rehabilitate muscles.

The products to make your muscles toned muscles are working not only on the visible ones but also on those muscles that are difficult to reach with conventional exercises. The recto abdominals, the oblique (forming the waist) and the transverse abdominals are all involved. These are the deeper abdominal muscles, they surround the hips like a corset. They are essential for stability, especially in the lumbar region and is very difficult to achieve with conventional exercises.

Along with the Slendertone there is the associated company Neurotech GmbH, based in Germany, a supplier of EMS technology and of the transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), used to treat muscle and rehabilitation and to which refer physiotherapists, patients and insurance companies around the world. The same sophisticated medical technology refers to Slendertone products.


Tips for Toning

  • Remember, five toning sessions every week for the first six weeks!. Maintenance - 3 times a week.
  • If you miss a day, no worries, be sure to do a session the next day.
  • Use the level with the highest intensity - there are 99 levels – the more you push, best results are achieved!
  • For a better workout, during a session, increase the toning function every five minutes, and five minutes on level 50, the last five minutes, the level should be 70.
  • Use the product only once a day, extra sessions on the same day does not mean extra results.
  • To continue to get a good workout and get results, we recommend to change the pads every 4-6 weeks. Otherwise they might be less effective.
  • Walking and tone with your belt to get two effects in one workout, toning and cardio.
  • The best location for the electrodes is in the center of the belt just above the navel, and the other two electrodes on either side of the hips and ribs.
  • If you are sporty, the best time to do push-up, is right after a Slandertone session; it give even better results!
  • It 's preferable that the session is completed before meals and not after.
  • Remember to take two days off every week so your muscles have time to recover.
  • Take note of the toning intensity to motivate you to achieve your goals.

Dietary recommendations

  • Reduce or eliminate all carbohydrates after 7 pm.
  • Avoid red meat.
  • Do not drink alcohol after 10.30 pm.
  • Eat less sugar.
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  • Replace snacks with vegetables and fruit.
  • Drink a glass of boiled water with a slice of lemon when you wake up in the morning.
  • Decrease portions of food.
  • Prepare some healthy vegetable soups and stew thus replacing high-calorie meals.
  • Make a good breakfast.

Tips for the exercise.

  • Drill from 5 to 10 minutes of stretching at the beginning or end of the day.
  • Drill 15 to 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise (can be calculated within a week).
  • engage in short stroll before dinner.
  • Exercise and sports with friends: it is important and challenging.
  • Opt for the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Replacing a car ride with a walk/run.


The features!

10 programmes: 7 are passive programmes (no physical activity required) and 3 are active (with physical activity)

  • Programmes 1 to 6: Evolved programmes from Initiation to Pro
  • Programme 7: Specific Strength
  • Programme 8: Endurance (can be used with a low cardio activity. E.g. active walk or home bike)
  • Programme 9: Beginner Crunch (use the belt while doing front crunches) Programme
  • 10: Advanced Crunch (use the belt while doing lateral crunches)
  • 0-150 intensity for maximum power to suit all users
  • 0-30 minute treatments
  • Built-in warm up and cool down phases to ensure correct muscle usage Intelligent training system to auto-progress through the programmes
  • Patented 3 pads positioned around waist over the belly button and either side
  • Hand held rechargeable & interchangeable controller – suitable for use with Slendertone Arms Male Accessory
  • Certified to medical safety standards

* Slendertone ab belts must be used as per the guidelines stated in the instruction manual. For best results, we recommend that you use your Slendertone belt in conjunction with a normal, healthy diet and exercise.

What's in the box

Slendertone Abs7 unisex toning belt

Rechargeable controller

1 Set of replacement gel pads

Instruction manual

Quickstart guide

Travel pouch.

What the experts say

Jarod Chapman: London based celebrity personal trainer: "Many of my clients want to know the easy way to train for that natural muscular and masculine body. Using a gadget such as Slendertone Abs7 in addition to your strength training sessions, will result in the perfect athletic physique.”



Do not use the unit if:

  • wear a prosthesis, (eg pacemaker /defibrillator) or suffer from other heart problems
  • During pregnancy
  • If you are suffering from cancer, epilepsy or you are under medical supervision because of sensory dysfunction
  • If the unit is in close proximity (eg 1 m) of a medical device to shortwave or micrwaves
  • If you are connected to a high frequency surgical equipment
  • If the unit is to be worn on areas of the body in which they are practiced injections of medicinal treatments for long or short, for example, hormonal treatments

Current Question

Will the product cause muscle soreness? As with all exercise some muscle soreness can be expected. Use a low toning intensity on your product if you are experiencing muscle soreness.

How do I know when to replace the pads? If the signal is weakening, even though the batteries are still OK, it usually indicates that the pads are worn and need replacing. Check this by inserting new batteries and/or adjusting the belt to ensure correct positioning. In addition, if the controller's display shows a flashing triangle, does not allow you to increase the intensity above level 3 or you experience an unpleasant feeling when wearing the pads, these are also signs that your pads need replacing. Slendertone replacement pads are designed to last approximately 20-30 sessions of 30 minutes, or, 4-6 weeks depending on usage, but you should always refer to your product's instruction manual regarding pad usage. Replacement pads can be purchased from your nearest Slendertone stockist, buy Slendertone replacement pads for all products or by calling Slendertone Customer Services, see number at the top right hand side of this page.

The stimulation is uncomfortable. How can I improve this? Ensure the pads are correctly positioned and pressed firmly against your skin. Tighten the belt around your waist. Remember to switch off your unit before repositioning the belt. In addition, check the intensity and if it s too high reduce it so that the muscle stimulation is more comfortable for you.

The pads won't stick to the belt even though they are fairly new. Why is this? Ensure the patterned side of each pad is placed on the belt. The black side of the pads goes onto your skin. Press the edges of each pad very firmly onto the belt before and after each session. Moreover, check if the plastic covers that preserve the pads have been removed.

I can feel a tingling in my legs during a session. What should I do? This indicates that the pads are over your hip-bones. Moving the two smaller pads upwards and inwards on your waist (i.e. towards the centre of your body) should prevent this. Remember to pause or switch off your Slendertone controller before adjusting the product or pads.

My skin is red after a session. Why? Some skin redness after a session is natural. It is partly due to an increase in blood-flow and should fade after the treatment. It can also occur due to the pressure of the stretched belt. You should not be concerned about this, but should only wear the belt during a session. If it is excessive, you may have the intensity too high. If the problem persists, you should contact us on the Customer Service number.

My waist muscles are exercising but not my stomach muscles. Why? Move the large pad down slightly. If this doesn't help, move the small pads to a smaller figure size setting and/ or increase the intensity.

My stomach muscles are exercising but not my waist muscles. Why? Pause the programme and reposition the central pads slightly higher on your stomach. If this doesn't help, move the 2 smaller pads to a larger figure setting on the belt (away from the central pad).

Can you use the Abs belt whilst doing sit-ups? Yes, you can use the abs belt whilst doing sit ups. We recommend that you complete the sit up when you feel the stimulation coming on. This combined approach is likely to deliver even better results as your muscles are working harder whilst doing a voluntary workout as well as working via EMS (electrical muscle stimulation). We advise that you start off with an intensity that's a little lower than you're used to doing as the combined approach will be a bit harder on your abs during your work out.

Can I use Slendertone belt to treat muscles weakened from lack of use due to injury? Yes. The unit may be used for the alleviation of or compensation for injury. Consultation with your doctor or physiotherapist is required to establish a rehabilitation programme with your belt, which would safely provide improvement to the strength and tone of the abdominal muscles.

What is the difference between Slendertone's ab belts and other ab belts? The technology used by Slendertone is the only one able to exercise all of your abdominal muscles: rectus, traverous and obliques. Slendertone's technology is exclusive, patented and clinically proven.

Does lying down or sitting up, when using Slendertone Bottom, affect the way it works? When using Slendertone Bottom it's more comfortable to stand or lie down at high intensities. However, do what feels the most comfortable for you. None of those positions affect the way Slendertone Bottom works.

Can I use the Slendertone belt for post natal exercise? Yes, but you must wait a minimum of 6 weeks after childbirth before you begin using it and you must consult your doctor first. If you've had a Caesarean in the past 3 months, consult your doctor for approval before using the belt.

Battery performance has degraded significantly. Can I buy a new battery? After an extended period of time you may notice a degradation in the performance of the battery in your unit. At this point you should purchase a new rechargeable battery pack. Buy Slendertone ab belt rechargeable battery pack online. If you have a Slendertone Flex or Slendertone Flex Max belt, then you can Buy Slendertone Flex and Flex Max AAA batteies online. Both of these battery packs are also available via Slendertone Customer Services, see the number at the top right hand side of this page.

Can I use a Slendertone Belt if i have a belly button piercing? We advise that you should remove your belly button piercing before using any Slendertone abs products.

I am getting an error message on my Slendertone belt? If you are getting a flashing triangle on your belt please go through the below troubleshooting guide, if the problem persists then please call us on 0845 070 7777

Step 1: Check if the pads need replacing - The pads last between 20 and 30 sessions. If more than approx 30 sessions, one month or excessive usage (e.g. more than 40 mins per day) – the pads will need replacing.

Step 2: Check the controller

 Flex and Flex Max Abs Belts Only

  • Take the control unit off the belt, there is a little metal pin between the belt and the control unit.
  • Clean this metal pin with a clean dry cloth and put the control unit back onto the belt making sure it is fully pushed into the holster (you should hear a little click).
  • Take off the pads and wipe the metal studs underneath them with a clean dry cloth.
  • Remove batteries and wipe the inside of the battery compartment with a dry cloth.
  • Check there is no corrosion within the battery compartment.
  • Re-insert the batteries and check they are inserted the correct way round.
  • Check that the batteries are alkaline batteries (recommended for use with Slendertone products).
  • Slide control unit onto the holster, ensuring it is pushed all the way onto the pin.

System Abs Belt Only

The rechargeable battery needs to be charged for 2 and 3 hours. Please charge it that amount of time even if the display shows you that the battery is full before. The rechargeable battery needs to be replaced when it does not take the charge anymore.

Step 3: Check the belt is set-up properly

  • Take off the pads and wipe the metal studs underneath them with a clean dry cloth.
  • Place the pads on the belt. Check the patterned side of the pads is in contact with the belt
  • The metal studs are fully covered by the pads
  • You have removed ALL the plastic covers from the pads
  • Press the pads firmly onto the garment.
  • Put the product on, ensuring that the pads are positioned correctly on the body, and adjust until stimulation is comfortable.

If you have an error message: E002, E003 or E004:

Turn unit off and then back on again. If problem persists, replace batteries with good quality alkaline batteries.

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