Air ioniser Bioxigen Tris

Bioxigen Air Ionisers Model Tris

The TRIS Model Air Ionizers are ideal for small rooms, suitable for cabins, changing rooms or bedrooms up to 40 M³.

Alternatively you can place multiple devices.

Bioxigen technology present in all devices, is tested against the COVID-19

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Advantages by purchasing this product:

    • Technology tested by multiple universities
    • Tested against Covid19
    • Suitable for sanitary, professional and home environments
    • Possibility to display sanitization certification




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Air ioniser Bioxigen Tris

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A compact product, with an elegant design to purify air at home or in the office.

A compact, stylish design product to purify the air in your home or in office. The solution against asthma, allergies and for the improvement of the respiratory functions. A small electric appliance suggested also in the bedrooms.

Thanks to the active oxygen ion generated by the Bioxigen system, you get a sanitization of the air and surfaces without using filters, without the addition of fragrances or chemical additives into the air. Tris is able to neutralize unpleasant odors, allergens, eliminate harmful substances, bacteria and molds that are present.

Tris has been designed and manufactured with the utmost care in every details, CE marked product that does not require a frequent and expensive maintenance for the user.

Bioxigen® technology releases active ions removing continuously airborne microbials and reductions of specific volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from indoor air environment and surfaces; reproduces in indoor areas the disinfection phenomenon that naturally takes place outside, with no chemical additives in a continuous and controlled way, ensuring the well-being to people.

It is used in all fields where it’s necessary to prevent and reduce chemical and biological contaminants (health care sector, food industry, residential, and commercial buildings). The Bioxigen® technology drastically reduces the microbial load in the air and on surfaces, reduces fine dust concentrations and ensures the correct ion balance, thanks to the special quartz condenser.

The benefits are the result of the impact ionization process: the condenser triggers controlled redox reactions on volatile organic compounds (VOC), thus reducing the amount of airborne pollutants. In addition, the oxygen ions generated by the oscillating electric field reach all points in the system, thus producing a microbicidal effect in all areas in contact with the air stream.

  • Dimensions: 126 x 117 x 202 mm
  • Weight: kg 0,4
  • Power consumption: 3 W
  • Power supply: 230 v 56-60hz
  • Capacitor: Type A
  • Volume of use: 20-40 M³


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Air ioniser Bioxigen Tris

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