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Low-frequency magnetotherapy mat for the Globus models of the Magnum, line allows therapy on sofas, beds and chairs or to be superimposed on your mattress.  Composed of 4 solenoids and a connecting cable - Mat size: 44x70 cm. 

Important Note: This carpet needs a device for Magnetotherapy of the Globus Magnum Line.

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Warranty: 2 years

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Globus Mat 100: a therapeutic mat for magnetotherapy

Globus Mat 100 is a therapeutic mat for low-frequency magnetotherapy equipped with 4 solenoids, allowing to treat a very large surface without having to fix the traditional diffusers on the body.

  • Practicality: it is possible to use Mat 100 very easily on the sofa, on the bed or on a chair, resting the part to be treated.
  • Comfort: Mat 100 is composed of several layers of soft material, so as to uniform the surface and not feel the thickness of the solenoids contained inside.
  • Mat 100 can be used individually or can be connected in a very simple way to other mats, until you get to form a real mattress wide 70 cm and 176 cm long.

    Below you can select the Globus Magnum device best suited to your needs to be connected to the mats

    Number of solenoids: 4
    Length: 44 cm
    Width: 70 cm
    1 connecting cable
    Compatible with all Magnum machines
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