Healing with Tecarterapia.

It's called Tecarterapia technology among the most innovative and effective for the treatment of bone and joint pain.

The acronym means Tecar: Energy Transfer Capacitive-Resistive. The Tecar technology is, in summary, a form of endogenous thermotherapy.

Is called Tecaterapia technology among the most innovative and effective for the treatment of bone and joint pain. Also known only Tecar, from the name of the device in charge, the Tecarterapia is a rapid and non-invasive remedy that allows generate heat endogenously the injured party, lifting the patient from the most acute pain due to pathologies of the knee, foot, the cervical, joint and muscle tissues. The Tecarterapia It is now an increasingly common response to various degenerative diseases and non-serious inflammations, but annoying. Those who sustained damage to the knee cartilage, People suffering from Osteoarthritis, low back pain, cervicalgie; yet, many patients who do not want to resort to surgical techniques to address bone and joint problems can benefit from Tecar.   Tecarterapia What is Tecarterapia? The acronym Tecar means: Energy Transfer Capacitive-Resistive. The Tecar technology is, in summary, a form of endogenous thermotherapy. Thanks to a rapid passage of electric charges through the tissues, Tecar induces the patient's body to produce heat by activating, so, processes conducive to reducing pain and recovery from disease. Many procedures physiotherapy They try to induce biological recovery processes by heat. Techniques such as infrared, ultrasound or lasers are often used to treat joint pain and various types of arthritis. These cures, But, produce heat from the outside to apply it on the injured party. at Tecarterapia, also known as diathermy, it works differently, because the heat is generated by the body itself of the patient. The heat "endogenous" lasts longer, It is distributed in a wider and deeper way and gives way to faster recovery processes. How heat helps treat osteo-articular pain? The heat, first of all, a function sedative and helps soothe the pain sensation. The endogenous heat, generated by Tecarterapia, It increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, It stimulates the lymphatic system, It enhances the biological processes of recovery and rehabilitation. The sportsmen and all those who are wondering how to cure muscle strain, contractures and knee pains choose Tecar. The consensus achieved is due to the Tecarterapia short time of healing and the absence of side effects. The Tecarterapia helps especially when the joint or muscle pain is intense. Those who suffer from bad knee, foot or hand, those who have neck problems or back pain knows how these diseases can be debilitating. Even when these conditions do not require an operation, these are illnesses that reduce the autonomy of the people who suffer and are a real hardship. sports, but also professionals with a busy work life, women, Moms and dads with long days and challenging needs, mostly, rapid and effective treatment, where it encounters disorders that hinder the freedom of movement, as an evil wrist or hand. They can benefit from Tecarterapia, finally, many patients who have had surgery and are about to embark on a course of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. The Tecartherapy presents contraindications? Few patients who can not undergo the Tecar: – with pacemakers – those who have large metal implants – patients who have collagen, sensory neuropathies and injured skin by trauma or infections – pregnant women. The Tecarterapia is considered by many one therapy "natural", because it is not invasive and does not give side effects. It is also chosen to reduce skin blemishes and, particularly, for the medical treatment-aesthetic cellulite. The Tecarterapia can be applied in specialized centers, with the help of an experienced physiotherapist and a good car Tecar. The technology available on the market today allows, moreover, Also take advantage of treatments in the home. Some devices are designed to be used by the patient autonomously; are safe appliances, easy to use, according to the instructions of use and prescription of medication. summing up, you can use the Tecarterapia: – to cure knee pain, ankle and foot – for shoulder injuries, hand and wrist, elbow – against cervical, lumbago and back pain – to solve strain and muscle contractures – against cellulite – for many cases of bone and joint diseases that do not require surgery – for physiotherapy and post surgical rehabilitation at Tecarterapia it is effective: – because it induces an endogenous heat production, effective and rehabilitative – because the pain goes much faster than other techniques – because it has no side effects – because it is a versatile method of treatment, you can play in medical centers but also at home. The Tecar at home is widespread because : – It offers a lot of autonomy to the patient, you can choose when to start treatment on own – It guarantees a speedy recovery to those who have bad knee, You can not drive a car or for other reasons can not leave the house frequently – It is a therapy with a good value for money. [mwi-product sku”PF1201001,PF1201111,G3117-1″ desc”False” img_width=”400″ price=”False” type=”view” btn_color=”green” btn_link=”button” cols=”3″ ]]]>

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  1. excellent article, the tecar therapy along with physical therapy and rehabilitation are therapies that help patients heal quickly.
    The technology in this case in the field of physiotherapy studio is meeting in well-being.

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