Come scegliere il miglior tapis roulant per le proprie necessità?

choose the best treadmill

Treadmill it's one of the most popular cardio tools, Because it allows you to carry out indoor activities in the winter months even at home and develop different muscles of the body. This type of training promotes weight loss, tones the muscles especially of the lower limbs and improves the cardiovascular system. It is important to take into account various aspects in choosing the best Treadmill: Prices, Motorization, size etc. tapis roulant a casa

Electric or magnetic treadmill?

A first distinction must be made between electric or magnetic treadmills. The electric treadmill offers a more complete training and works precisely with electricity. These models are generally equipped with on-board computers where you can set up the, speed, the slope and many other options to customize your workout without interrupting it. The electric treadmill is suitable for both walking and running and does not affect the back or ankles. The size and weight of this model are quite important, but they exist electric space-saving treadmills Or Folding which greatly reduce the footprint. These models are best suited for professional use. The magnetic treadmill Use the strength of your legs to move the carpet and allow you to change the resistance via a special valve placed on the magnets. You must also manually change the slope before you start training so that you do not interrupt your work session. Improper use of the magnetic treadmill could cause back and ankle problems, so it's critical to stick to all of the usage specifications, choosing the most suitable-for-use model that you need to make. Themagnetic treadmill prices are cheaper and the weight and size smaller. This type is therefore the ideal choice if you have a small house or you have to move the tool often.

Weight and height determine price

Treadmill prices depend not only on the brand and model, but also from your Weight and from theHeight. If you weigh more 100 pounds you have to buy a more durable treadmill and possibly from the more powerful engine, with a slightly more expensive price,capable of tolerating a high weight. In general, the continuous-service engine should be on the 2 Hp, with a strap of about 50 cm wide and 130 cm in length. If you're taller than 180 cm you have to buy a treadmill with a wide stride that allows you to train without limitations.

Choose the treadmill

For the final choice of treadmill so you have to consider:
  • type of training;
  • the difference between electric treadmill and magnetic treadmill;
  • your weight and your height;
  • the space at your disposal;
  • treadmill prices according to your needs.
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