Biomed KIT Tris Elasticity and Beauty 150ml Colloidal

The ELASTICITY and BEAUTY KIT 150ml includes 3 PRODUCTS 150ml Made in Italy   




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Biomed KIT Tris Elasticity and Beauty 150ml Colloidal

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To enhance the beauty and strength of skin, hair and nails

The elasticity and beauty kit is the collection of three best-selling products Colloidal Puri to improve the beauty and strength of skin, hair and nails.          Made in Italy


Copper is an element already present in the body, its properties are essential for regenerative metabolic processes and for the proper functioning of the organs. Nano Drops of Copper Biomed can rebalance the level of copper in metabolism, thus helping to block cellular aging and improve regenerative processes. May be a solution to support conventional therapies, helps maintain the well-being of the immune system. A natural product, safe for the body, composed only of pure metallic copper atoms in bi-distilled water.

It can help stabilize and balance blood flow in the body, promote circulation and healing.

It can also stimulate the metabolism of iron and its transport and has anti-anemic properties. It can be an important aid for good tissue oxygenation, helping to keep heart tissue healthy


Biomed pure colloidal hyaluronic acid is made in Italy and is a natural product, safe for the body and free of side effects, as it consists only of particles of vegetable hyaluronic acid suspended in pure bi-distilled water.

The pure colloidal hyaluronic acid counteracts the progressive appearance of signs of aging, that is, loss of elasticity, firmness and also volume, allows to counteract the dramatic effects of lower production of this element and to find a strong skin, compact, toned and bright, as well as to deeply moisturize all tissues, keeping the body fluid and youthful for a long time.

Skin dryness, flaking, small cuts, redness, inflammation, constant tension and itching are unpleasant disorders related to dryness and lack of hydration of the skin. Pure colloidal hyaluronic acid acts powerfully on these symptoms, deeply moisturizing the tissues and soothing the irritated parts in an absolutely effective and natural way. It has the extraordinary ability to absorb and retain large amounts of water equal to about a thousand times its weight. Hydration is the key to a beautiful, soft and compact skin, which is why pure colloidal hyaluronic acid is essential to keep every tissue of the body in the optimal state of hydration.

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that is naturally present in our body and is produced by fibroblasts, cells that aim to hydrate tissues, giving them firmness and plasticity. Taking pure colloidal hyaluronic acid allows you to keep the skin healthy, as well as any other body tissue, including cartilage and tendons. It is able to reactivate cell function by stimulating the production of new collagen, also helping to better connect the layers of the dermis to each other. This 'glue' function helps to make the skin immediately visible in all parts of the body.

It can also stimulate the metabolism of iron and its transport and has anti-anemic properties.


Collagen Keeps the epidermis supple and hydrated as it is the key protein to maintain a toned and nourished skin. In fact, it constitutes the majority of the structure of the skin, thanks to it the skin can be kept "united", as well as providing a youthful appearance and bring the characteristics of firmness and elasticity. It slows the formation of wrinkles and skin aging, counteracts early wrinkles; when the synthesis of collagen in the cells decreases due to age (from 25 years and up), the skin becomes less hydrated, less elastic and less toned. Becoming softer, the first wrinkles appear and pure colloidal collagen is the perfect answer to give new firmness and elasticity to the skin of the face and body in general.

Strengthens skin, joints and muscle tissue, acts on cellulite improving the quality of tissues and, considering that when the skin contains the right amount of collagen is more elastic and toned, cellulite is also much less visible.

It counteracts the effects of smoking, stress and prolonged sun exposure that weaken the skin and make it dull and dull. This also happens with hair, which turns out thin, dry and very fragile. Pure colloidal collagen is a panacea because it helps to elasticize the skin and limit the signs such as wrinkles and furrows. In addition, the product is valuable to prevent all these damages and keep the skin strong and elastic over time.

It prevents pain in the muscles and joints because it is one of the most important proteins of the human body, constitutes 30% of all those of our organism. It is mainly present in connective tissues such as internal organs, muscles, cartilage and skin. Its intake therefore helps to maintain strong tissues and effectively prevent the onset of joint and muscle pain, as well as serious diseases such as osteoporosis or rheumatoid arthritis.


Used together they form the perfect union against the effects of aging, strengthen tendons, cartilage and bones. Both neutralize free radicals and together are essential to keep the skin healthy, supple and toned.


Two-distilled water and active ingredient


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Biomed KIT Tris Elasticity and Beauty 150ml Colloidal

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